I admit I always get crazzzy complaining how dumb the leads are when they choose the obvious but not always the best choice. I’ll end up getting my heart broken, crying with the other guy/girl.

There are some dramas though which writers come to their senses and let the supposed to be second guy (girl) wins the girl (guy)! It’s very rare in the dramaland that I considered them gems.

Dream High

I can’t think of a more perfect example than SamMi (Sam Dong and Hye Mi). When I was watching this series for the first time before, I was always preparing my heart to get broken as I know from the very beginning that I’m backing the wrong horse. I just can’t prevent myself to cheer for this country bumpkin but music genius guy.

When I reached Episode 10, I can’t help but complain that this hearing loss is too much for Sam Dong. What a pitiful second male lead, I thought. But as the story keeps on focusing on him, I was holding this 1% chance of him winning Hye Mi’s heart. And TADA! The evil cupid wins. Lol. Why is he the evil one though? He was always gentle and sincere. Haha.


The Legend

I can’t write enough that I love Damini (Damdeok and Sujini) so much. Though I think some may argue that it’s obvious that Sujini, not Kiha is the main protagonist of the story. Well, given the story, yes, it seems like it, Saeoh, the good leader of Bear Tribe and Kajin, the furious fire priestess. But Damdeok is just a jerk to realize that only on the latter part of the series. And the ending is giving me too much headache as well. Fortunately, his words when they’re reunited after nine (or is it eight?) long years, confirmed whom his heart belongs to.


Sujini: Please pretend you didn’t see me and let me go.
Damdeok: No, I will never let you go again… If you won’t come to me then I’ll go to you. All I need is to be with you.
Sujini: But you’re the king. You should be at your palace.
Damdeok: From this moment on, where you are is where my palace is.

Queen Seon Deok

Sorry YuDeok fans, BiDeok is just daebak! I did remember my old die hard BiDeok fan self before who is willing to kill any YuDeok fan in the unending debate whether Deokman really loved Bidam more than their ever loyal and great warrior of Shilla, Kim Yu Shin. Haha.

As per Lee Yeo Won’s words, “you chases a woman ten times and that is a woman you can never chases but Bidam continues pursuing her and in the end Deok Man has to surrender.”

Yes, I admit. Deokman’s love may be debatable but this I can say with confidence. How Bidam cherish Deokman can’t be compared with Yu Shin’s. For Bidam, it’s just Deokman and nothing else. For Yushin, on the other hand, it’s Shilla, Deokman, family, Gaya and some other things. Haha. And remember he even married another woman and not just any woman but Mishil’s granddaughter?

Empress Ki

As how history repeats itself, Empress Ki repeats Queen Seon Deok. Haha. The stories are so much alike. I guess putting your country first before the woman you love is the same as raising the white flag in the battle of winning her heart.

Anyway, good choice Sunyang. I know it the very first moment you care for Togon during the early episodes. I was just shaken a bit when you had the child with Hwang Yoo.

Dream High 2

Following the first season, our main heroine for this series also contradicted the same Korean drama formula. Haha. I won’t say that this is unexpected ’cause Hae Sung pretty loves JB (although in a fangirl way) so much from the very start. It’s just that the drama poster and teaser fooled us to believe otherwise.

I know there are a lot more but these are the only ones I’ve watched. I was searching for other dramas with the same underdog-wins setup but realized that it may be no fun watching them since I know from the beginning that the supposed to be “second” lead will eventually get the girl. Now that becomes boring.

How glad I was when Hye Mi realizes she loves Sam Dong. How I screamed ‘waaahhhhh’ when I watched a QSD episode teaser showing Deokman admits Bidam makes her heart throbs! Those moments are priceless. The cheering you thought from very start will only be put in vain, actually paid off.

Hahaha. How I wish I bumped into another drama like that again. Show me another gem, please.

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