Last summer vacation, I’ve watched a lot of Asianovelas. One of them is entitled “Dream High”. It’s a Korean drama series with a school, romantic-comedy genre. The story is about how six aspiring, talented students achieved their dreams to be successful artists.

Dream High Cast (Courtesy of KBS2/JYP Entertainment)
The drama showed a lot of ups and downs of every character just like anyone of us in our way reaching for our goals. It has a nice and inspiring story that will leave a mark on your mind after watching it. It tells us that even though there are many hindrances and obstacles that might cause your temporary fall, determination and hardships will still bring you to what you’re aiming for.
Dream High original soundtracks are good also. Plus, the cast themselves sang these songs. You will never get bored because every episode showcased a performance from them. It’s a bonus that the love story of this series isn’t bad too.

Sam Dong and Hye Mi

Go Hye Mi (Courtesy of KBS2)
Go Hye Mi played by Suzy is a courageous, impatient, hot-tempered, used to be rich girl. She has a younger sister named Hye Sung. She was studying vocal music before she enrolled at the Kirin Arts School through a special admission granted by the school director. She has a nice voice but sings without emotion and feelings. As the story develops, she learned how to express herself as she reveals her true nice personality with the help of her friends and professors. At first she showed a feeling of attraction to Jin Kuk, but later found herself caring for Song Sam Dong. Thanks to Kim Pil Suk, she was able to realized her true feelings, and that is she’s in love with Sam Dong.

Song Sam Dong (Courtesy of KBS2)
Song Sam Dong played by Kim Soo Hyun is a kind, music genius guy who was raised in a place where you can’t experience true music. He’s a son of a singer and has a loving and caring mother. He’s a great composer and singer. Like Hye Mi, he entered the Kirin without having to pass the audition. He loves Hye Mi as early as they’ve met, a love at first sight as we call it. Due to occasional tinnitus he sometimes experience hearing loss. Thanks to Hye Mi, he was able to cope and overcome this weakness. At the end, he became the first Korean nominee at the prestigious Grammy Awards having “K” as his screen name.
Jin Kuk, a good dancer and rapper, Yoon Baek Hee, Hye Mi’s former best friend, Kim Pil Suk, a fat girl with absolute pitch and Jason, an expert dancer from America whose voice isn’t bad as well are all students of Kirin just like Hye Mi and Sam Dong. All six of them, debuted as a group named “Dream High”. Eight years later, all of them became successful in their individual careers.

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