Got to cross out another drama starring Jung Il Woo. Yes, that’s right. I have just finished watching this series from eight years ago. It was aired by a local TV network so I’m quite familiar with the story but I haven’t really had the chance to check it out before.

The plot revolves on Kang Hae Na, the granddaughter and only heiress of the Chairman of the rich and famous conglomerate, Kang-san Group. Hae Na lives her life as a princess with her butlers and maids following her around, always ready to attend to her needs.

In a small road accident, Hae Na will meet Seo Dong Han, a hardworking guy who was forced to become a gigolo to pay for her mother’s hospital bills. Unfortunately, his mother died and he’s yet to pay his remaining five million won-debt he borrowed from a loan shark.

Under some circumstances, Seo Deong Han will become Hae Na’s chief butler. At first, the two will find it hard to deal with each other’s personality but Hae Na will slowly learn to adjust.

Seo Dong Chan and Kang Hae Na

In between their blooming relationship is Lee Tae Yoon and Yeo Eui Joo. Tae Yoon, like Hae Na, came from a wealthy family but he chose to work in shabby law firm, unwilling to rely on his parents’ money. Hae Na will develop a crush on Tae Yoon as she sees her former boyfriend in him.

Lee Tae Yoon and Kang Hae Na

Eui Joo, on the other hand, is Deong Han’s bubbly childhood friend who he treats like a younger sister.

Seo Dong Chan and Yoo Eui Joo

To be honest, I’m not really sure if I like this series. It was so 2000-ish. Hahaha. From the chaebol leads to Hae Na’s over-the-top outfits to the super energetic and catchy LSS-ing OST, it was so old! I guessed I enjoyed the nostalgic feeling more than the drama itself.

And take a look at these actors throwback photos. Kim Young Kwang and Han Sang Jin’s 2009 looks were so hilarious. This just proves that popularity comes from humble beginnings. Hahaha.

Kim Young Kwang as Balter Jung
Han Sang Jin as Atty. Lee’s Older Brother

We also got a Song Joong Ki cameo on Episode 1 but I must say that he looks as gorgeous as ever. ? How I wish Hae Na didn’t fire him on the same day he started working as her chief butler.

Song Joong Ki as Hae Na’s Head Butler

Tae Yoon always looks like as if he’s reciting his lines in monotonic voice. But surprisingly, I do still like him, even more than Ji Woon of Cinderella and Four Knights. Actually, scratch that. I think he’s my second most favorite character portrayed by Jung Il Woo after Scheduler from 49 Days. I don’t know, second male lead syndrome, I guess. And him singing Red Sunset is just so freaking adorable. ?

Jung Il Woo as Lee Tae Yoon

Also, now I know why Moon Chae Won had been criticized before for her bad acting skills. She really did improve a lot since this series.

As for the leads, I have nothing much to say. It’s just Yoon Eun Hye being Yoon Eun Hye and Yoon Sang Hyun being Yoon Sang Hyun. They were already pretty good in acting even during their early days in the industry.

Overall, the series is just okay. There’s nothing really bad or good worth pointing out. I just find Tae Yoon and Eui Joo pairing a bit too forced just to give the four leads, a happy, lovey-dovey ending.

One reason I did watch this series is because I was actually expecting to see more of Hae Na’s past relationship and watch Yul Goon (Prince Troy from Princess Hours) act opposite Shin Chae Gyung (Janelle) again. But yeah, all I got is her looking through this still photograph of Kim Jeong Hoon mounted inside a music box.


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2 thoughts on “My Fair Lady (2009)

  1. Since when MCW has always been critized for her 'bad' acting skills? It's new to hear that. She got critizied for her sageuk speech but not the acting itself.

  2. My bad, I shouldn't have written "always" (rephrased it already). So that must be it. I haven't seen any of her sageuk series, The Princess' Man in particular, so I have yet to comment on that. I guess Eui Joo is such a weak character to showcase her acting skills. But don't get me wrong. I like Moon Chae Won and I love her in The Innocent Man and Good Doctor. Her dramas are always worth the watch >.<

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