There goes our first two-digit chapter. Time flies, really. Shortly, it’ll be a year since Cardcaptor Sakura‘s biggest comeback.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 10 Cover

For Chapter 10, we got full body illustration of Touya and Yukito. I must say Touya is looking more and more like TRC‘s King Touya. Ironically, I’m glad that it’s not just Syaoran (lol).

We’re back when Sakura, wide awake, having dinner together with the cover guys, was suddenly transported to another dimension (probably the dream world) and met the mysterious figure. She asked for its identity but before it could answer (but I doubt if it really would), she’s back to the dinner table.

She asked Yukito if she fell asleep. (The last time she met the mysterious figure, she suddenly fell asleep on her way to the bathroom.) Yukito answered no but said she hasn’t responded when he talked to her.  Sakura dodged the situation by telling them she was just spacing out a bit. Touya seems worried, still. Pretty sure he’s aware about the strange things happening.

Tomoyo and Sakura met on their way to school. Tomoyo immediately noticed Kero-chan tagging along. Sakura said she made a promise with Akiho to bring him to school. She used him as a cellphone charm as she thought Kero was way too big not to stand out if she put him outside her bag (as a key chain).

Sakura, on the other hand, noticed that Tomoyo brought an extra bag. Tomoyo gladly showed her that it’s a battle costume she prepared for Sakura to wear when a filming opportunity comes. She made a beautiful, starry dress, this time. Kero said Tomoyo should get some cool shots of him too and requested for him wanted to wear a crown next time. Tomoyo said it will look good on him and she’ll get Sakura a matching tiara. A teaser for the next battle costume, I guess.

Sakura suddenly heard a sound from nowhere but before she could wonder more about it, they had to hurry up for school.

In literature class, Sakura was asked to read a story from a book called Ten Nights of Dreams. Speaking of dreams, their teacher talked about prophetic dreams where one can see things about the future. Sakura wondered if her dreams about the mysterious figure falls under the same category. She remembered having dreamt about Kaho-sensei and Eriol before. (Hey girl, you dreamt about Syaoran as well!).

Sakura’s thoughts were disturbed as their teacher asked Akiho to continue reading where she left off. Sakura cheered for the transfer student.

It was lunch time. The girls complimented Akiho for the doing great in reading the Japanese story aloud in class. Sakura then asked if she already decided on which club to join. As Akiho was still not sure, Tomoyo suggested for her to join the choir. Sakura and Chiharu both thought the idea was perfect as Akiho sang well during the flower viewing. Akiho agreed after assuring she wouldn’t be an annoyance. I hate that this new girl is really lame, like not doing things she wanted thinking she would be a bother, or because others may think she’s weird. I’m not doubting her sincerity (at least, not now) as she seems like as innocent and dense but her personality is just so timid.

Sakura then heard the sound again. As she looks around to look for where the it might probably coming from, she saw Syaoran and Yamazaki on their way to the cafeteria (probably dropping by Class 2 to fetch the girls, heh).

Tomoyo sprinted outside to ask Li a favor. To drop by her home together with Sakura (and Kero) so she could get his measurements, that is. Hahaha. I knew it! Tomoyo’s going to make outfits for Syaoran as well in this arc! She said Syaoran’s gotten taller and muscular. And of course, our little wolf was embarrassed at the remarks.

A strong wind then blew up. Sakura said it seems familiar. It was like a piece of cloth moving around. Syaoran released his sword. Owiie!!! Finally, Syaoran in action! Can’t believe I’ve waited ten chapters/months to write that! Kero was surprised by Syaoran’s new technique but Sakura asked him to stop attacking as she thinks it would just run away more if they try to catch it against its will.

She thought of using Gale or Siege but resorted to just asking if it could be friends with her (which is so Sakura-ish). The ribbon-like thing stopped moving then attached itself to Sakura as if they’re her wings. And I guess, they really are as she started flying around outside. Sakura then heard the same noise from earlier and finally see where it’s coming from. She immediately secured the Record card. And that’s where the chapter ends.

The series of events is a bit confusing. The noise and the flying thingy, I mean. I read a comment that probably, the wings-like thing, is another card that is yet to be secured on the next chapter. And that, I guess, makes total sense.

And yeah, I almost forgot about the seven-page bonus chapter. It was set before Syaoran came back to Tomoeda. Kero and Suppie were playing games and arguing about Suppie casting magic on Kero’s character. Sakura entered the room to check her phone then painted a sad expression on her face. Kero asked if the brat (Syaoran) didn’t send her any messages. Is it safe to say Kero is aware of their relationship? (Don’t mind me. It’s just that Kero rooting Syaoran for Sakura is something I’m not used to.) Sakura said she’s sure he’s busy and then went downstairs to the kitchen to prepare for dinner.

Continuing his conversation with Suppie, Kero said Sakura is a bit down these days since Syaoran is taking some time in between replies. He said it would be great if Syaoran could come to Japan during his next break. Suppie agreed. After Kero hung up, Suppie said Syaoran will indeed be there soon but not just to see Sakura again.

I’m loving that we’re seeing a bit of what happened during the one year-time skip. I hoping for more in the upcoming chapters. We’re definitely missing some important events happened in Hong Kong, Syaoran learning this new technique for example. I wish Kero pointing it out means we’re going to learn more about it sooner or later.

Anyway, I’m super duper glad that Syaoran is finally in action, witnessing Sakura secures a card for the first time! I can’t wait for the next chapter as this one feels like it badly needs a continuation very soon to clarify all the confusion.

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