Seems like winter is coming. It might be for us to expect more action in the upcoming chapters. If beautiful spring is to Sakura, cold winter is officially to Syaoran? And that teddy bear is indeed colored pink. Hahaha.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 9 Cover

The cover alone is enough for me to love this chapter. Hahaha. I just hope Syaoran here looks more CSS Syaoran-ish than Tsubasa’s. Okay, fine. Never mind that. I’m trying my best to ignore the differences, actually. It does work somehow. I just really hope that Syaoran in the new anime will resemble the one in the original series more.

The chapter starts off with Sakura and Kero going to the grocery for dinner. Sakura was telling Kero about the last time she hung out with the gang plus Akiho where they did flower viewing.

Sakura told Kero how beautiful it was. She also mentioned about Akiho singing together with Tomoyo and how wonderful both of them were. She said it was a shame she didn’t got to record it with her phone. If only she has something to record moments on immediately when thinking “now” in her heart. (It was a hint for the card she’ll secure on the next chapter, Record.) Sakura remarked that Kero has a cellphone too he got from Tomoyo and thanks to that he can always play games with Suppie.

On their way, they met Akiho who was about to buy groceries as well. She said she wasn’t sure where to shop though as she has just moved. Sakura gladly volunteered to show her around.

Sakura was reminded by the packed lunch Akiho brought on the flower viewing. She remarked that it was so beautiful and looked delicious then asked Akiho if she made it herself. Akiho said she was very clumsy so she let someone else make it. The curious Sakura asked if she came to Japan with that person. Akiho answered yes and added that that person is looking after her since she was little. She said they aren’t related by blood but that person is very important to her. Sakura said she must like this person as her face became very affectionate when talking about him.

Sakura then noticed the bunny-like stuffed toy in Akiho’s bag. The transfer student said it’s Momo. They always been together but she wasn’t sure if it’s okay to bring it to school as it might have made her look childish. Sakura said that wouldn’t be the case and she’s sure everyone at school will find it very cute. She said she’s always with her “stuffed toy”, Kero, as well. Akiho said she would bring Momo to school from now on. Sakura answered she’ll come with Kero too.

At home Sakura greeted Fujitika, as well Nadeshiko (through her photograph). Fujitaka looked concerned as if there’s something about Nadeshiko that causes him to worry. Sakura asked what’s wrong but he just shrugged it off.

Fujitaka noticed the tray of eggs. Sakura said she wants to become better at it. (Hmmm, egg rolls for the bento she’s going to make for Syaoran? *squeals*).

Sakura also mentioned to Fujitaka that she met with a friend and did grocery shopping together. She said it was the transfer student she was talking about and added that Akiho is a very cute and good kid. Since I have a hunch (though I might be wrong) that Akiho or at least the strange things happening is related to Nadeshiko, I feel like I have to stress on Sakura talking about Akiho to Fujitaka.

Touya invited Yukito for dinner. Sakura asked him if there’s anything wrong with his stomach nowadays, like becoming very hungry despite eating more than enough. Yukito said there’s no such thing and in fact, he wasn’t eating as much as before. Touya retorted that he was still eating twice as much as the normal serving. Since everything seems fine with Yukito, Sakura wondered if he and Yue are being troubled by the new cards.

Sakura then met the mysterious figure again for the nth time. She asked if the being wants the star key. And then, there comes a clock. Its hands on three.

Yay! This chapter really made me believe Akiho is somehow related to Nadeshiko. Not sure if Nadeshiko can sing well but like Akiho, she’s really clumsy and bad at cooking. I wonder if Fujitaka came to know something we do not. His concerned face bothers me.

Akiho’s most important person introduced a new piece of puzzle that is yet to be solved. Pretty sure though that Momo is someone like Kero and Suppie. I believe Suppie is deliberately mentioned in this chapter because of Momo. I just wonder what his true form likes as his disguise is very much different from that of Kero and Suppie.

Well, I’m sure we’re going to know more soon. Let’s keep the chapters coming! And I can’t really wait for the anime to air next January. 2018 is indeed a year to look forward to!

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