Can I just say that this, by far, is my most favorite drama special? Haha. I haven’t watched that many so I guess Page Turner it is.

Last last week, a friend sent me a link to the teaser of a Filipino-Korean film, titled Seoul Mates which stars Ji Soo. Watching the short video clip reminded me of my review of Moon Lovers where I wrote that this young actor deserves to star on his own drama soon. Only then I realized that I have yet to watch this 2016 drama special that features him and Kim So Hyun. I checked out the first episode and was able to finish the three in one sitting.

The story is about high school students who are building their names in the field of music and sports. It centers on Yoon Yoo Seul, a talented pianist who attends an art high school. She’s good at playing the piano but always feels pressured to meet her stage mom’s expectations. To win over her rival, Shin Jae Ha and always be number one, that is.

A car accident made her lost her sight but will open her world to other things than music. Together with a new friend Jung Cha Sik, a pole jumper who was forced to give up his sports career because of a damage in his spinal, she will find the strength to start over with a new perspective on life.

I can’t remember the last time I complained about a series not having as many episodes as I think it should have. It was so open-ended that I wish for it to be a full mini-series with 16 episodes. Well, that only means the drama is so good that I’m dying to know what happened next, kind of like Hazel Grace to An Imperial Affliction. Although at the same time, I kind of like how that they ended it like that. It leaves space for the viewer’s to wonder yet it gives a nice resolution for the three leads. Everyone was able to get back on their feet and chase their original or newly found dream.

Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun are really one of the most promising actors of their generation. I love how they give life to Cha Sik and Yoo Seul, respectively. And aren’t they both dashing when they’re playing the piano?

Page Turner is such a heartwarming story that I believe every youth should watch. I just love this special, really! More of this in the future, please. ^.^

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