When Jung Il Woo’s medical condition was revealed I felt the urge to finish all of his dramas soon. It felt like I will not be able to gather the courage to see them once his aneurysm rupture. I couldn’t have imagined how sad it would be. But yeah, like every single fan out there, I’m still hoping for the best.

I started with his latest drama, Cinderella and Four Knights. I remember asking a friend if this series is any good. She said it was just okay and that it’s quite similar to Boys Over Flowers. I’m not really into rich guy-poor girl kind of thing but decided to give it a go anyway.

The story centers around Eun Ha Won, a senior high school student living with her “evil” stepmom and sister. Her father is often away from home because of work.

In exchange of sending her to college, she made a deal with the rich and famous Chairman of the Kang Group to move to Sky House and live there together with his three troublemaker grandsons namely Kang Hyun Min aka Mr. Playboy, Kang Ji Woon aka Mr. Thug and Kang Seo Woo aka Mr. Good-for-nothing K-pop celebrity. Her mission is to straighten up their attitude and turn them into “proper human beings”. As she lives at Sky House, she will be assisted by the Chairman’s secretary, Lee Yoon-sung, completing the four knights.

Kang Cousins: Ji Woon (left), Seo Woo (middle) and Hyun Min (right)

I read a lot of comments saying this series is like a drama from a long time ago. And I must say that I do agree with that. The setting and the costume might be a factor, but it really is the plot to blame. This series came out just when I thought Kdramas finally learn to drift away from Cinderella stories.

I’m not saying it’s that bad. At the very least, it doesn’t bore me to death. Was still able to finish it within a few days. The comedy helps. And so is shipping Kang Hyun Min and Eun Ha Won (I nearly parked this drama though after realizing they have 0% of ending up with each other). IKR, I watched this series mainly because of Jung Il Woo but I found myself rooting for An Jae Hyun’s character which turned out to be a really bad idea.

Cinderella and Four Knights Love Trio (?)

I felt so upset rooting for a guy who doesn’t feel anything for the girl the slightest bit. I mean, you know me, I always choose the one who’s most sincere and when there’s a love triangle, it’s often, if not always, the poor second male lead. I just couldn’t accept the fact that Hyung Min felt nothing for Ha Won. I mean Kang Ji Woon’s fine. I just felt like his affection for Hye Ji is deeper than what the last few episodes made it look like.

At least the ending wasn’t that bad. Ha Won x Ji Woon, Hyun Min x Hye Ji—I accepted the pairings. Everybody happy, who doesn’t want that?

No wonder Choi Min looks familiar. Apparently, he played Yeo Jin’s late fiancé in Yong Pal whom I thought looked like Ji Hyun Woo a lot.

Choi Min as Choi Sung Hoon in Yong Pal

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