Scanning my list of to watch Kdramas, I stumbled upon this 2014 series. Can’t really remember what exactly got me going but before I knew it I was already marathon-ing it on a weeknight even though I had to go to work the next day. But can I just say I simply hate this drama? Hahahahaha.

Some may argue that this series might be the worst Lee Jong Suk drama ever (and I could agree to that) but for some reason I must say that I never fangirl him like this ever before! I literally have to start watching a new series immediately just to get over Park Hoon. Maybe that happens when I find a drama/character this frustrating. It’s not that their plain bad; it’s just that they could have been a million times better.

Lee Jong Suk as Park Hoon

There’s one rule in Kdramaland, once the hero started to waver, there’s no turning back. Especially when it comes to the point when even the other party could notice the fact. Yes, basically I’m Park Hoon x Oh Soo Hyun shipper. Tell me, how could a writer be this cruel? I now officially considered Soo Hyun as the most pitiful second female lead in the dramaland.? It was as if my own feelings were played out. That the writer deliberately did so, only to get my hopes up. Hahaha. Even up to the last few episodes, Park Hoon’s actions failed to clearly draw the line. And I hate that. Soo Hyun saying she felt so embarrassed that she confessed and even asked Dr. Hoon to reciprocate her feelings, on the last episode, was like the writer telling me, “Get over it, bitch. Even Soo Hyun, herself, knows she wasn’t the right one for him.” Hmmmp, I’m so mad! ?

Park Hoon and Soo Hyun a.k.a Quack Couple

I have nothing against Song Jae Hee but, duh, her character is so poorly written (or I might as well say the drama itself). I couldn’t understand a thing as to why she had to hide her identity and have it revealed just like that. I wouldn’t blame Jin Se Yeon in any way. Even though I think she did better on Bridal Mask, I believe she isn’t the one to blame for all this character’s mess. It all boils down to the plot. ?

Jin Se Yeon as Song Jae Hee

I hate that half (or was it more?) of the series revolves on that pathetic competition between Hoon and Han Jae Joon. It felt like the writer had run out of idea on how to introduce different patients’ cases and their surgeries to the story line. Talk about uncompetitiveness. Deserved another hmmmp.

Also, should more than a decade in the making revenge be shattered just like that? I kind of understand that it must be the doctor’s calling and his feelings for Soo Hyun that made Dr. Han changed his mind but based on all the hideous things he did during the first few episodes, that shouldn’t be an easy thing to give up. Maybe it’ll be a bit more acceptable if he decided to start afresh and become a great doctor after leaving Myungwoo Hospital. But nah, at the end, he chose to abandon the white gown to work in a law firm?! WTH. ?

Park Hae Jin as Han Jae Joon

And you! Yes, you who looks amazing even in a plain red shirt. I hate you! Hahahahaha. Kidding aside, even though I can’t say I do like him, I’m kind of drawn into this character, no doubt about that. I salute Lee Jong Suk for pulling it off even though he was nothing more but a writer’s ploy. Now I understand why he took the role of Kang Cheol in W. He was so sick of characters who can do nothing but to go along with how their stories were written. Hahahaha. ?

Here’s a shout out for Kang So Ra. She has improved a lot since I last saw her act in Dream High 2. Well, she’s not that bad of an actress (even in her early days) anyway.

Kang So Ra as Oh Soo Hyun

I think I’m over it now. 끝이야! Apparently, all I need is to vent out all my anger and frustrations. Hahaha. It really is just sad to think that this series wasted its potential to be lined up to other great medical dramas out there. After all, at the very least, it has few heartwarming scenes that will still move you.


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