Yay! I’m back after a looong hiatus. There’s a lot of things going on in my work life that I hardly had time to write reviews. But of course, no matter how things are, I still watch Kdramas. That’s just me. Can’t get it out of my system. ?

So during those times, I finished a lot of series and my to review list continues to pile up. To make writing reviews easier, from now on, I’ll be following a format I just devised before writing this post. ? And yeah, Park Shin Hye’s latest drama, Doctors aka Doctor Crush is first on the list.

Why did I watch

I found it hard to move on from Doctor Stranger that I needed to see another medical drama. It’s just that Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is such a fun series to watch that I was able to finish it earlier than Doctors.


Obviously, it’s a medical drama but you won’t get the bloody surgeries right on the very first episode. It’ll start with a long backstory when our protagonist, Yoo Hye Jung was still a rebellious high school student.

Park Shin Hye as Yoo Hye Jung

Because of her delinquent and distant attitude, her not-so-nice father left her to her grandmother who’s running a humble bread and breakfast in a small town. Hye Jung would met her grandmom’s border, Hong Ji Hong who happened to be her homeroom teacher in her new school. Ji Hong graduated from med school but decided to take a break after he got involved in a medical accident during his internship.



Because of her supportive and loving grandmother, as well as inspiring Teacher Hong, Hye Jung will slowly learn to open up and soften her hardened heart. But just when she totally turned away from her distant, troublemaker self, unfortunate events including her days spent behind the bars and ultimately [spoiler alert] her grandmom’s unfair death caused by medical malpractice, made Hye Jung someone who strive in the field of medicine to seek revenge.

The Good

The story is good. Even though I’m not fan of the lead couple, I enjoyed watching this series a lot. You could say there’s a heart in every patient’s case. Even the supporting characters have a story to tell.

I also like the fact that the drama focuses more on the character development rather than trying to be makjang.

The Not So Good

I couldn’t think of any aside from the drama being quite lengthy, I guess. I like that episode endings aren’t so cliffhanger that you really won’t stop watching. The downside though is you may park this series when you aren’t so enthusiastic about it. Sort of what happened to me when I started watching Do Bong Soon or maybe I just find two medical dramas in a row too much for me to handle. lol.

Kim Rae Won as Hong Ji Hong

My Favorite Character

I didn’t want to choose him as my favorite as it might look like I was just fangirling Yoon Kyun Sang but duh, Jung Yoon Do deserves it. I like how honest and innocent his character is. He always brings fun to the scene, what a cute mood-changer ?. Dr. Jung be like “who says a skillful, handsome doctor always needs to be arrogant and snobbish? We can also be funny at times”.

Yoon Kyun Sang as Dr. Jung Yoo Do

To watch or not to watch

If you’re looking for a heartwarming medical drama with a splash of romance and comedy (and have already seen Good Doctor), I would definitely recommend this series.

I’ve mentioned before how I find Kim Bok Joo a complete 180 of Cheese in the Trap‘s Yoo In Ha. If I’ve only watch Doctors before Weightlifting Fairy, I might not have been that surprised with the transition. Jin Seo Woo is a character you won’t really be fond of like Bok Joo but definitely won’t hate as much as In Ha.

Lee Sung Kyung as Jin Seo Woo

I like that Hye Jung’s independent and has a strong personality but somehow, I can’t help but think Shin Hye’s trying too hard to look so much older than her age in this series.

Dr. Yoo Hye Jung

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