Keeping my words, I’m posting a review for a drama I had watched years back before finishing watching another series. Yes, barely. Hahaha. I am currently watching Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo and I’m loving it that I almost finish it in one go.

Anyway, let’s get back on track. I chose Good Doctor among many dramas on my to review list ’cause (1) you guys know how much I’m fond of Joo Won and (2) I think this series is one of the best medical dramas ever, really.

I remember watching Good Doctor shortly after finishing Bridal Mask. I was so impressed with Joo Won that I needed to look for another series starring him.

The story features Park Shi On, an autistic but genius savant in the field of pediatric surgery. He has an exceptional memory and keen spatial skills. However, due to his mental and emotional condition, most of his colleagues and patients view him as a childlike, unreliable doctor.

Joo Won as Park Shi On

With a recommendation from the medical director who believes in his skills, Shi On enters the Sung Won University Hospital as a resident under the pediatrics department. Inside the hospital walls, he’ll face a lot of challenges in the competitive medical world as his peers continue to question his abilities.

I would say Joo Won’s portrayal of Park Shi On is his second best performance after Gaksital. This drama cemented his name in my list of top three Korean actors. He’s just so versatile that he can execute any character, even the mentally challenged Dr. Park, so well.

But my love for the drama doesn’t all boil down to Joo Won. Other characters and the story itself make such a heart-warming series that I believe any drama addict should watch. I can barely remember (as it’s been three long years since I watched this series) but I just know that it touched me a million times before.

I love Shi On and Dr. Cha and their cute love story. I love the development of the characters, especially of the hotheaded professor, Kim Do Han. I love the naughty yet thoughtful In Hae and everyone in the children’s ward. I just love this series, really.

The OSTs are all beautiful as well but If I Were is the one closest to my heart. Shi On singing this song with Dr. Cha on his mind is one of the most moving scenes ever. And doesn’t Joo Won look dashing when he sang it in 2013 KBS Drama Awards together with the child actor who played the young Shi On? [Update: the video has been taken down by Youtube  ?).

Great cast, great story, great OST, need I say more? Haha.

Park Shi On: Dr. Cha told me once, that good people become good doctors.
Kim Do Han: And so?
Park Shi On: Have you think about it, professor? What is a good doctor like for you?
Kim Do Han: A good doctor? All doctors who contemplate about the meaning of a good doctor.

While I was doing the recap, I saw this hilarious cameo of Park Ki Woong who played opposite Joo Won in Bridal Mask. I could imagine how hard they laughed filming this scene.

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