Owieeee!!! Could someone please upload and give me the link for the OAD? If only I live in Japan I would head over to the nearest Animate store like crazy right there and then!!! Hahahaha.

Thanks to the Clear Card Arc Facebook page, I’ve got to see these beautiful screencaps at the very least. I can’t contain myself seeing how Syaoran is looking more like CSS Syaoran on these new images that are coming out.

Terada-sensei announces Eriol’s going back to England

Syaoran confesses to Sakura

Sakura sulking over Syaoran’s Confession

Sakura and Tomoyo bid goodbye to Eriol and his gang
Sakura to Tomoyo: Syaoran said he likes me

Sakura hands over Mizuki-sensei’s farewell gift to Syaoran 
Syaoran to Sakura: I’m leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow

Oh boy, you don’t know how I miss you so badly. T.T I super love the panel above. Syaoran here looks so much like the one in the Elevator Episode of the original anime series.

Sakura makes a teddy bear for Syaoran

Sakura gives the bear to Syaoran

I just realized that Sakura didn’t even bother to change her clothes to catch Syaoran. I double checked with the manga and she is indeed wearing the same outfit. All for the sake of love! >.< Also, I must say Syaoran looks dashing on white top.

The most-awaited reunion
I thought I would never seen a colored official art of this scene! *cries* I can’t wait to get my hand on an HD copy so I could make it as my desktop and phone wallpaper. 

I must say everyone appears to be a little different compare with their counterpart in the original anime series. It’s not just Syaoran. But I guess, it wasn’t as bad as the manga. I love how I could definitely see the old Syaoran on most of the screencaps.

Can’t wait anymore! I can already imagine myself screaming and fangirling like crazy while watching the OAD. Till then! >.<

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