Owiieeeee! That was really unexpected!

Yes, I’ve heard that the special edition of the third volume which will be released this September will include an OAD (Original Animation DVD, basically an OVA in a DVD format) featuring a prologue of the new anime series but I didn’t expect they would release a trailer like freaking NOW! Well, last week, actually, during the Sakura Festival 2017 that was held on April 1.

I was really dying to see this OAD (I actually had to Google what it stands for, pretty much figured out it’s somewhat like an OVA but I wanted to keep up with the jargon >.<) because of Syaoran! You know how much I’m whining over his appearance in the new arc so I was badly hoping his character design in the upcoming anime would resemble the original one better. But…but…but! Hahahaha.

Kinomoto Sakura in Sakura and the Two Bears (OAD)

Okay, honestly, it’s not pretty much on my liking. Everyone looks about exactly the same, especially Sakura and Tomoyo. Yukito and Kero looks fatter. Touya looks more like TRC’s King Touya. Mizuki-sensei’s prettier on the original anime but I feel like it was just that one particular scene. But Syaoran, my Syaoran! He’s one of the leads! They shouldn’t have missed any detail. I’m thinking if they really want to change his image intentionally.

Li Syaoran in Sakura and the Two Bears (OAD)

I so much love everything about how Syaoran looks in the original anime. His brown eyes, his thick brows, his hair, his chubby cheeks, they all define our little snob but kind-hearted wolf who can be really funny at times. >.< I missed him so much!

Syaoran in The Sealed Card Movie

But if I were to stop looking for the original Syaoran’s character design, everything in this OAD looks gorgeous and nostalgic. It was nice to watch them in HD with 16:9 resolution. I’ll sure take a screencap of my favorite scene and set it as my desktop wallpaper.

They called this OAD Sakura and the Two Bears. The plush bears must really play an important role in the new arc, huh. I haven’t seen a subtitled version of the trailer but I could pretty much guess it’s all about the last chapter of the Sakura Card Arc with Syaoran leaving Tomoeda and Mizuki’s farewell gifts for the two. I’m not really sure how this is going to play out since the anime ended quite differently from the manga, not to mention The Sealed Card movie where Sakura already had the chance to confess her feelings to Syaoran.

I’m leaning to CLAMP doing a retcon. I was hoping it wasn’t the case really until I read the latest chapter where it was revealed that Akiho is living in Eriol’s house which was demolished to give way to an amusement park in the second movie.

I know, right? This is getting crazy. I was expecting for CLAMP to pull it off. The smooth transition, I mean. I’m a big fan of The Sealed Card movie and I can’t just put it aside. Even if I were to choose between the manga and the anime, it’ll surely be the latter. Maybe it was better to think of it this way, that the new anime series is going to be the continuation of the manga and not the anime. Yes, I’m quite disappointed but the fact that we have an OAD and a new series coming up next year after years and years of longing for more CSS is something I should be thankful of.

The trailer still doesn’t reveal how the middle schooler Syaoran will look like in the new anime but based on the blurry shadow, his appearance seems to be very similar with the one in the Clear Card Arc. T.T Well, as long as it’s Syaoran, I think I’m going to love him still. Hahaha. Been dying to hear his voice. Since it’s gonna be the same seiyū, I’ll guess it’ll turn out more Syaoran-ish than it is to me now. Hahaha.

I must say that Tomoyo looks as gorgeous as ever in this OAD. It was just like Tomoyo of the olden days.

Daidouji Tomoyo in Sakura and the Two Bears

If the new anime is really the continuation of the manga, does that mean we won’t have Meiling in this upcoming series as well? Too bad as she’s one lovely character.

Li Meiling

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