Owieee! The first two five episodes of the anime series is out but here I am yet to review the OAD and the last five chapters. Let’s close the gap and catch up real quick.

The OAD titled Sakura and the Two Bears indeed reenacted the last few chapters of the manga, quite faithfully at that.

Starting off with our typical Sakura, running late for her first period class. Quite unusual, Syaoran came in a moment after her because of a phone call he got from his mother. But before Syaoran could tell Sakura that the call was to summon him back to Hong Kong, Terada-sensei entered the classroom and announced Eriol’s withdrawal from school to leave for England.

After school, Sakura talked to Eriol. She said it was a shame that she still haven’t done anything to thank him. Eriol said it should be him returning the favor. He then asked Sakura how she feels about him leaving for England. Sakura said she was saddened by the news. Eriol replied that if someone close to her is about to leave her again, he would like her to consider how differently she feels compared when he left. That way she’ll realize who her most important person is.

In front of the school gate, Syaoran saw Sakura going home. When he thought he already missed the chance to talk to her, Sakura turned around and asked him to go home together. When they reached the Penguin Park, Sakura was reminded that Syaoran was about to tell her something after the incident in the Tokyo Tower. Syaoran then confesses her feelings for Sakura much to her surprise.

At home, Touya together with Yukito were preparing dinner and were talking about Mizuki-sensei, Eriol and Clow Reed. Touya complained that Clow Reed is such a troublemaker. Yukito countered that he’s still grateful that he created his true form and because of that he was able to meet Sakura and Touya.

Yukito then asked if Sakura hasn’t came out of her room yet and said he wonders if something happened. Touya said it was indeed the case and he was aware of what to happen next that’s why he couldn’t stand Syaoran. >.<

In her room, Sakura was still sulking, confused over Syaoran’s confession. She was contemplating whether she only likes him as a friend or was it like how she felt about Yukito before. Kero tried to comfort her but to no avail.

The next day, Sakura and Tomoyo came to Eriol’s house to bid goodbye. Sakura said she’ll send them letters. Mizuki-sensei then gave Tomoyo and Sakura parting gifts from England. She also asked Sakura to take care of Syaoran’s as  he had an errand to run and couldn’t come.

When Sakura and Tomoyo left, Ruby said it was a shame that she wouldn’t be able to play with Touya and the others when they got back to England. Spinel said it should be “play together” not “play with”. >.< These two were hilarious.

Mizuki-sensei asked Eriol the reason he created Ruby and Spinel. After explaining it was to block Kero and Yue during Tokyo Tower Battle, it was also for them not to look for Clow Reed in him. He then added he now is very fond of the two in which Mizuki-sensei noted that if it’s him that’d mean “really like”. Mizuki then said she wishes a happy ending for Sakura’s love story as well. Ehem, these two. Hahaha. But they still tried to make their relationship more subtle than in the manga.

On their way home, Sakura told Tomoyo that Syaoran confessed to her (well, it’s actually more like Tomoyo guessing the fact). Tomoyo asked what would her answer be. Sakura said she still doesn’t know. When she thinks of Syaoran, there’s something hurting inside her but she doesn’t know exactly what this feeling is even if it is herself. Tomoyo then answered her that the hardest thing for people to understand is themselves, especially their hearts (one of my most favorite Tomoyo quotes from the manga).

At home, Sakura opened the gift from Mizuki-sensei. She got a bear-shaped brooch much to Kero’s disappointment (he was hoping it was something to eat >.< ). Sakura then noticed the two plush bears sitting on her desk. One was what she was supposed to gave to Yukito and the other one was what Syaoran left behind. On this note, Kero noticed her blushing and asked if she has a fever. Sakura was taken a back and immediately made an excuse to leave to deliver Syaoran’s present. Kero was left alone in her room, wondering why Sakura always blushes when she looks at Syaoran’s bear when he was million times better (there, there, Kero >.<)

Sakura headed over to Syaoran’s place and handed him Mizuki-sensei’s gift. She then noticed luggage boxes being moved out and said she wonders if someone is about to leave. Syaoran replied that it was him.

Now, that all Clow Cards had been gathered and turned into Sakura cards, it’s time for him to go back to Hong Kong. Sakura asked when is he going to leave to which he answered tomorrow. Syaoran said he was glad he came to Japan and was able to met her.

Just when one of the movers borrowed Syaoran’s attention for a moment, Sakura left without saying goodbye.

I admit this scene was lovely but I love the bridge scene from Episode 70 as much, or even more. I don’t know, I just think it’s more fitting for Syaoran to just thank Sakura for everything without actually telling her he was leaving. It was so touching and poignant, I could cry.

Sakura pondered on the idea of Syaoran going back to Hong Kong and how it hurts so badly thinking if she will never meet him again. She remembered Eriol’s words and finally realized what her true feelings for Syaoran are.

Sakura came home with a bear kit. She was determined to make a plush bear to give to Syaoran before he left for Hong Kong. Kero’s worried about Sakura not getting sleep for the night and asked if it’s really important and whether he can be of any help. Sakura told him it is but she wants to finish the whole thing on her own.

Yukito then brought Sakura some pancakes. He said Touya made them for her but was too embarrassed to bring them himself.

Yukito noticed the plush bear he was making and asked if it is for someone to which Sakura replied yes. He said she finally found the one she loves the most and she agreed. Yukito asked if he is someone he knows and if Sakura could introduce that person to him someday. On that note, Sakura painted a sad face and said it might not be possible as he’s going somewhere far away. Yukito said it’s not like she’s never going to see him again.

He told Sakura that he thought about what would’ve happened if he learned the fact that he and Yue were to disappear from the world. He said he think he would have searched for a way to keep them from disappearing as he could not stand the thought of not seeing Touya and Sakura again. So if she wants to see that person and that person wants to see her, they’ll definitely meet again. Sakura, now all cheered up, thanked Yukito.

By morning, Sakura was able to finish sewing the plush bear. She then received a phone call from Tomoyo informing her that Syaoran will be leaving for Hong Kong at 10 A.M. today, less than an hour from now. Tomoyo said he must already have left his place. Just when Sakura felt like she won’t be able to catch him and give him the bear, Tomoyo convinced her she’s gonna make it in time and it’ll surely be alright.

Sakura put on her roller blades, determined to catch the bus going to the airport in five minutes. Yukito said it would be impossible on roller blades. Touya volunteered to take her on his bike. (Touya doesn’t have a motorbike in the anime, right?)

We then see Tomoyo and the rest of the club up on stage for a choir competition. Her voice was as lovely as ever.

With Tomoyo’s song playing in the background, Syaoran was already on the bus, thinking how he didn’t get to hear Sakura’s reply.

He then heard her calling his name. He immediately opened the windows and saw Sakura. She told him she finally knew what this feeling is and that Syaoran is her most important person. Sakura then handed him the bear.

Syaoran asked if he could name it Sakura. Sakura answered if she could name the one he gave her Syaoran. Just then, the bus started moving. Syaoran promised he’ll be back once he finished what he has to do in Hong Kong and asked if Sakura will wait for him. She said she will and that brought a smile to Syaoran’s face.

After the bus disappeared from her sight, Sakura said to herself she’ll be waiting forever because Syaoran’s the one she loves the most.

Credit rolls and then we got to see Sakura on her new uniform. As she walked on her way to school, with the beautiful scenery, she couldn’t help but think how nice it would be to see the first cherry blossoms of her junior high years with Syaoran.

And then, tada! A boy’s silhouette with Sakura bear on one hand was right before her eyes. Sakura ran to him and hugged Syaoran tightly.

Even though I mentioned on my previous post that Syaoran is looking more like CSS Syaoran given the teaser stills from CCS Clear Card Arc Facebook page, I still couldn’t help but pinpoint the differences, even with the other characters. I think it’ll take a while for me to get used to Sakura with lighter brown (almost orange) hair and a chubbier version of Yukito and Touya. >.<

Thankfully, the voice did the trick. Really glad almost everyone had their original seiyū. Kero’s Osaka accent, Sakura’s “owieee!”, Tomoyo’s singing voice, natsukashiina!

I was really glad to see all of them in action again after a long, long while. Well, as a die-hard fan who binge watches the anime and the movies from time to time, this wasn’t really true. But still, it was great to see new CSS content. You get what my I mean.

But at the same time, I couldn’t help but worry about the new anime series. If this OAD is supposed to be its prologue, then CLAMP must indeed be doing a retcon, as if the original 1997 series and the two movies do not exist. *cries* This is so sad as I’m a big fan of the anime, more than the manga. And the second movie, The Sealed Card holds a special place in my heart.

Anyway, let’s just continue the sulking once I’ve seen the first episode and confirmed everything (still hoping CLAMP wouldn’t go that low for a retcon). For now, I’m just so happy to see them back!

Wow. That was long! It took me weeks to finish recapping this 26-minute OVA. I won’t be doing detailed recap for the anime episodes so we could move forward and catch on. 🙂

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