Yay! Let’s get going and catch up with the current chapter. Are we on 19 or 20 already?

Anyway, for the cover we got a full spread of Sakura in blue and white dress. Now that I’ve seen the first five episodes of the anime (and kinda get used to the character design), I realized she really looks way younger in printed pages.

Continuing from Chapter 13, Sakura, together with Kero, chases the fluffy thing which flew out of the window after putting Akiho to sleep.

She finally caught up using Flight was able to secure the Snooze. They hurried back home before Akiho gained consciousness.

The transfer student was embarrassed how she managed to sleep at a friend’s house in the middle of a visit. Sakura said she shouldn’t worry about it (as Kero pointed out, while hiding, of course, it was the card’s fault). Sakura then suggested that if she really feels bad about it, she could come and visit again. Knowing her new friend’s a book lover, she said she’ll ask Fujitaka if she could show Akiho his library next time.

A knock from Kaito interrupted the two. Akiho said she was sorry he made him come and pick her up. Kaito replied she shouldn’t worry about it and then thanked Sakura, addressing her as Kinomoto-sama. Sakura, embarrassed, asked him to drop the formalities and said just “Sakura” is fine. They settled with Sakura-san.

Akiho then bid her goodbye to Sakura, saying she definitely won’t fall asleep next time. Sakura take a look at Kaito then whispered to Akiho that they should practice cooking next time and have him eat something delicious.

On their way home, Kaito noted that Sakura is such a wonderful person to which Akiho strongly agreed. She said Sakura’s cute, kind and always worry about others. Kaito then asked if that includes her and Akiho gladly replied yes much to Kaito’s amusement (that look when you know this guy knows something is about to happen soon).

At school, Sakura told Syaoran about the new card. Syaoran curiously asked about Akiho only to be informed that the girl fell asleep because of the card. He actually addressed her as Shinomoto-san which I find odd as I can’t remember Syaoran using any name suffixes both in the manga and the anime before.

Kero added he was there when Sakura captured the card but didn’t feel any magic whatsoever. Tomoyo then asked if it was the same for Sakura to which she replied, it was very faint but she felt something was off.

In the middle of class, Sakura couldn’t help but think about how she felt something was strange when Snooze card appeared. Suddenly, Kero, dreaming inside Sakura’s bag, screamed he still has room for cake. >.< With everyone in class hearing him, our poor little girl had no choice but to pretend it was her dozing a little bit.

After class, Chiharu and Sakura, wearing their new cheerleading uniform was practicing with the squad. I just noticed their outfits (even Tomoyo’s costume) kinda became more conservative now that they’re older (which is also nice since you really got the feeling that they’re growing up).

On their way back to the classroom, the two heard Tomoyo and Akiho singing together. They were with the Chorus club preparing for an upcoming recital. Chiharu then asked Sakura if she’s going home with Tomoyo but Sakura said no as she had to stop by somewhere and Tomoyo will be a little late because of practice. Sakura then said Yamazaki will be late too as Syaoran and him are helping a teacher with a task. Chiharu noted that Sakura and Syaoran are really close and that Sakura even became more cheerful with him around. Our girl couldn’t help but blush. >.<

Sakura, only with Kero, was on their way to buy ingredients for tonight’s dinner. She complained that Kero should be more careful when someone is around and that she was really anxious during class. Kero protested he couldn’t control his sleep talking. Sakura countered that he should stay awake then. Hahaha.

In a pastry shop, Sakura saw Yukito. Apparently, aside from doing the grocery she was going to hand a flask drive to Touya which he forgot at home. Yukito informed him her brother was out handing out some flyers. She then just asked Yukito to give it to Touya later as it contains the documents he needs for his presentation.

Yukito then noted that it seems like both Touya and Fujitaka are staying over the university more often these days. He asked if Sakura’s not having trouble with anything. Sakura said she’s fine and that she knows how to cook more dishes now too. Kero said she occasionally burned them though. >.<

Yukito suggested Sakura should take home some baked goods from the shop much to Kero’s excitement. On their way inside the staff room, the scene suddenly changed to some sort of a maze with entangled staircases. The chapter ends there.

Another weak installment, I guess. I mean aside from confirming Kero couldn’t feel anything during a card’s attack and Syaoran knowing the cards magic works on Akiho, nothing so much to point out. Ah, right! We also got that suspicious Eriol-like look from Kaito. When I say Eriol-like, I mean that gleeful smile saying “everything’s turning out the way it was planned”. Hahaha.

Seems like the next chapter is for CLAMP to show us that like Kero, Yue wouldn’t feel any magic during a card’s attack as well.

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