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Owiee! The anime is already on its second half but here I am yet to review Chapter 15 onward. Let’s get going and catch up really quick.

For the cover, we got Kero and Spinel on their disguised forms wearing matching red and white striped ribbons. Kero painted a smile while Spinel looks grumpy as ever. >.<

Continuing from the last chapter, Yukito transformed into Yue immediately after seeing the strange maze-like landscape stretching in front of them. Indeed, like Kero, he couldn’t feel any strange aura even though Sakura said the presence of a new card was all around them.

Yue shot an arrow to test how far the space would go but it just looped around and aimed his back. Fortunately, he was fast enough to activate his shield magic. Figuring out walking around would only take them back to where they started, the two guardians ran out of ideas.

Sakura, all of a sudden, claimed she knew which way they should go. She led Kero and Yue to a door-like structure. She released her wand and was able to successfully secure the card without any trouble.

Kero asked Sakura how did she know the way out to which she answered she just felt something was off. Their conversation couldn’t get any longer as Touya (in a sheep mascot) came back from handing out flyers.

Labyrinth as shown in the manga

Sakura and Kero headed home first as Touya volunteered to do the grocery shopping with Yukito on her stead. On their way, they bumped into Syaoran who apparently finished the teacher errands earlier than expected. Kero greeting Syaoran as if they’re good friends is a surprise for me. >.< Seriously, they used to fight like cat and dog.

Sakura shyly asked Syaoran to have dinner together but they were interrupted by Kaito who was also in his way home from grocery shopping. Sakura said to Syaoran that Kaito was the one she was talking about who takes care of Akiho. Syaoran politely introduced himself though he seemed surprised and concerned about Kaito’s presence.

Kaito went on his way but Syaoran still looks bothered. He then declined Sakura’s dinner invitation as he got something to do tonight. And yes, we all guessed that right. To report to Eriol, that is.

Apparently, Syaoran felt Kaito’s magic. We then learned about the title “D” that is bestowed on the highest ranking wizards in the Magicians’ Society in the United Kingdom. Eriol said it’s true that there are indeed powerful magicians associated with the Society but not all of the rumors are good ones. I think Eriol wanted to say that if Kaito is indeed with the Society, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t cause any harm.

Syaoran asked if a magician would reveal his ranking and the organization his affiliated with just like that. Eriol replied that he may be too strong that doing so wouldn’t even matter. They also suspected that Kaito might be using moon-based magic as only Syaoran, not Sakura, could feel his powers. Eriol added that if something happens, it might be a bit dangerous for Syaoran as Kaito pulls magic from the same source.

Eriol then asked if there’s anything stranger about Akiho. Syaoran replied that she doesn’t seem to have any magic and there’s nothing unusual about her either. Eriol said that there may not be but the fact that they moved to his old house might be because Kaito knows it’s great for safeguarding those with abilities.

And that’s where the chapter ends. Quite short, I think. CLAMP deliberately wanted to show us that both of the guardians couldn’t feel anything about the new cards. Only Sakura could. Does this mean the cards are using the same source of power (star) as hers?

Syaoran meeting Kaito for the first time and knowing about the “D” title, I guess we got some progress here. It’s a bit worrying that even Eriol seems concerned about Kaito. From his remarks about Syaoran pulling from the same magic source, it seems like our little wolf will play a big role when that time comes. Lastly, Eriol’s words about his old house being great for safeguarding those with abilities seems to denote Akiho is no ordinary girl after all. Though having watched all of the anime episodes so far and read the latest chapters, I’ll scratch my theory about her having to do with Nadeshiko. >.<

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