Okay! Time to write about the cable drama of the year, Goblin.

I stumbled upon this one on different Kdrama sites. Being Gong Yoo’s first TV series in five years, it was quite famous in the dramaland. I wasn’t really skeptical about it though as I’m not a die hard Gong Yoo fan (I love Coffee Prince but that’s it). That was until someone from my Kdrama circle told me she has the highest expectations for this series as it’s said to take over Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) in terms of popularity.

The story centers on Kim Shin, a respectable and skilled military general during the Joseon Era who was falsely accused of treason by the good-natured but insecure king, Wang Yeo. With the evil eunuch poisoning the young king’s mind, Kim Shin was ordered to disappear from Joseon after Wang Yeo sent him to a battle. However, with a promise (made with the former king) that he will never leave Wang Yeo’s side, Kim Shin defied the king’s order. With this, Wang Yeo labeled him as a traitor and had him and his family members, including the Queen, Kim Shin’s younger sister, killed.

Goon Yoo as Kim Shin

The deity considered Kim Shin’s death unreasonable as well. The general was said to be saved by the souls of his people. However, since he also killed thousands of his enemies who were also descendants of the deities, Kim Shin was cursed to become immortal and watch each of his loved ones die right before his eyes. The only one that could break the curse is the goblin’s bride. Once the bride removes the sword thrust in his chest, only then he’ll be able to “return to ashes and be at peace”.

Nine hundred years after, Kim Shin, living in the twenty first century is still looking for his bride to put an end to his earthly life.

If not for the good feedback, I won’t likely bother to check this series out (at least not before I finished all those on my currently watching list) since I’m not so much of a fan of any of the four leads. But surprisingly, I could pretty much say I enjoyed watching this drama a lot.

I like how different and strange the story is compare to other series. Like DOTS, it presented something quite new to me. It added sweet modern times rom-com to the common sageuk + fantasy combo.

And because the plot is something new to me (and fantasy gives freedom for the writer to do whatever he wants with the story), I could hardly guess how the series will play out. The curiosity keeps me hanging up to the very last episode.

The comedy is superb. I couldn’t remember the last time I laughed this hard because of a Korean drama. The goblin and the grim reaper must be the best comic duo in the dramaland. They both are hilarious.

The Goblin (left) and The Grim Reaper (right)

As For Kim Go Eun, I admit I was one of those who said she wasn’t that pretty when I first saw her act in Cheese in the Trap but she’s looking okay here in Goblin, almost beautiful, actually. Apparently, all she needs is to get rid of that frizzy, curly hairstyle that looks very untidy to me.

Kim Go Eun as Ji Eun Tak

I super love the OST. Every song sounds lovely and the lyrics are so dreamy.

Through the endless daydream, I saw you on the way back.
There I walk with you in my arms…
Hush, now my angel, I will always be with you…
All the little pieces of you, look how they shine above
Come away with me tonight. We’ll be dreaming away there, always… ♫

I don’t have anything to say with regards to the casting. Yoo In Na, Yook Sung Jae, everyone did a great job. Though like what happened in Tomorrow Cantabile, I couldn’t help but be bothered on how the supposed to be matured and depressed Episode 16 Ji PD somehow resembles the stubborn, high school student Eun Tak from the first episode. Of course, it would be practical to shoot all the scenes that were supposed to be filmed abroad all together but I just don’t like it when I, as a viewer, could tell the fact. But small thing, no worries.

Overall, with a unique story and beautiful cinematography, I would rate Goblin an A! I guess this series deserves all the hype, after all.

I love Kim So Hyun’s cameo (or should I say guesting?). It’s been a while since she last took a role in a sageuk drama so it’s nice to see her in hanbok again.

Kim So Hyun as Kim Sun

Acting opposite Kim So Hyun, I couldn’t help but see Yeo Jin Goo in Kim Min Jae. ?

Kim Min Jae as Young Wang Yeo

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