Owieee! This time has come when I’m finally reviewing this series! Seems like it’s only yesterday when I wrote that I’m so in love with this drama like crazy.

I had never ever imagined that I will like this series before. I’ve got a glimpse of the Japanese version and it didn’t appeal to me that much. It was like a pure comedic jdodrama. (Nodame fans, hope you don’t get mad at me. I said a glimpse and I know that this does not give me the right to judge. Haha)

I was laughing really hard when I watched the first few episodes. Yes, it started with a laugh, turned into a smile and finally ended with a greatly touched heart.

As the story develops, the characters grow. There’s such a deepness into it that I can’t really explain. Waaahhh.

I like Seol Nae-Il’s character as well as Cha Yoo Jin. I see myself in them – the childlike Soel Nae-Il and the anti-social Cha Yoo Jin. It so lovely to watch them grow together while learning things from each other.

Jung Shi Yeon

Aside from the two lead, I’m very much fond of Jung Shi Yeon. Ah, she’s so pretty and smart and I like her boyish side. Well, it’s not just Jung Shi Yeon. I’m really having fun watching the whole gang. Almost the same feels when I was watching Hana-Kimi Japan. You feel like you’re one of them and that you like them all!

The characters develop so naturally that it is so hard to watch them on their “first episode-selves” on Episode 16 – the only thing that bothers me and keeping me from praising this drama like a super fanatic. It’s like everything was so perfect then poof! What the hell happened?

But yeah, it is still a good drama for me. It’s been a while since I patiently waited every week for episodes to come out. I’ve been also a part of this drama’s soompi thread. To read comments from fans, watch the next episode trailers and laugh at Tomorrow Cantabile memes were my daily morning activities which I greatly missed after the drama has finished airing.

Great cast, cool music and nice cinematography – I need to say no more! 🙂 I recommend this drama. Give it a chance, girl!

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