I used “without” instead of the more popular “not” because Marriage “Not” Dating doesn’t sound grammatically correct to me. Although I think Anticipated Marriage is the most suitable among this drama’s titles.

Marriage Not Dating (Courtesy of tvN)

At first, I thought the series is about a couple who suddenly got married (maybe under a contract or parents’ arrangement) without even having the chance to get to know each other. Yes, it’s what the title suggests but I am totally wrong! (That’s why it should be Anticipated Marriage instead!)

The series is about Joo Jang Mi, a saleslady in a high end fashion store who badly want to settle down with Lee Hoon Dong after quite some time of dating. Unfortunately, this boyfriend of hers is a happy-go-lucky-doesn’t-want-to-marry kind of guy. They broke up and was offered by his ex’s best friend, Gong Gi Tae, a plastic surgeon, a deal to pretend as his girlfriend to (1) take a revenge against Hoon Dong and (2) silent his mother who’s pestering him to get into a serious relationship and get married the soonest.

I don’t know but I never find myself get tired of these relationship contracts and pretenses. IKR, it’s sounds so cliché but I still find it cute. Haha.

It’s been promoted in the Philippines as a “feel-good” drama. Remembering how I rotfl while watching this series, this tag line is quite suitable. Haha.

Well, I can say it’s cute and funny. The six leads (the three together with Kang Se Ah, Gi Tae’s former fiancé, Han Yeo Reum, boy next door working at Hoon Dong resto and Nam Yoon Hee, Jang Mi’s friend) were pretty crazy. Often than not I find it hard to find logic behind their actions. Everyone is unpredictable. But yeah, it’s for the comedic stunts that we all love.

Just wanted to say that Ji Woon still has a lot to learn when it comes to acting. I was always like “what-the-heck” when I see his expressions. No, don’t tell me that’s what on the script! Haha.

It offers nothing new, just executed our favorite drama stuffs on its own way (like most of the dramas nowadays). But yeah, there’s no harm in watching. You’ll surely laugh! And maybe get touched as well. ?

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