Alright! To cross out one drama in my review list, I’ll write something about this series. (Hmmpp… since when did writing a review become a task? [Insert my name here], tell me! Haha.)

High School Love On (Courtesy of KBS)

I finished watching this series early this year. It’s quite cute but lengthy. With 20 episodes, this school drama even with the angel twist will bore you somehow. The story is about an angel turned human and basically all her experiences and adjustments on earth. I think there’s no need to mention that first love she is about to experience.

I think I’ve mentioned before that school drama has a special place in my heart. Now, I know why. It’s not because I feel nostalgic or something given the school setting, rather I like the idea of giving every student a story to tell as anybody has in real life.

In most dramas, it’s messy to get into the stories of more than 4 characters. Only school dramas can easily pull it off ’cause they have something solid that binds them together – the school grounds.

High School Love On!, I can say live up to this school drama principle.  It’s perfect for – yes, high schoolers. Haha. You’ve got the family conflicts, the common teen problems, the love triangle, the bullies and the goodies with a fantasy touch in one series.

I’m such in a good mood to praise this drama, ah. End it with 16 episodes and I’ll like it much more. But yeah, that’s not the case, the story becomes messy as the episodes keep on going.

I also can’t bring myself to like the actress playing the lead role same with those two Infinite members. I think it’s because I’m more fond of young actresses, Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung. As to the two idols, well, I really hardly like any. Hehe. Hwang Song Yeol didn’t fail to let me experience the second male lead syndrome once again, at least.

To wrap it up, High School Love On! has all the cutesy but still not my drama. It really deserves to be a filler (something to watch when you’re waiting for another episode/drama to come out) though. It’s just that I don’t feel like it worth the 20 hours I spent watching. Well, this is actually my only valid complaint.

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