OMO! Can I just say that I’m so in love with this drama like crazy?

Tomorrow Cantabile (Courtesy of KBS)

It’s been a while since I finished watching a Korean series that I almost forgot these hanyan~ fangirl feels. Waaahhh!!!

Even though I like Joo Won, I’m not a fan of Nodame Cantabile (I’ve only watched a few episodes of the Japanese live action series) so I wasn’t anticipating this drama until Shim Eun Kyung takes the role of the female lead. The lovely young Sujini from The Legend will be playing her first lead role in a drama series! I just can’t miss this one! Joo Won playing opposite her is a big BONUS, too.

I think this is the first time that I’ve re-watched a whole episode right after I finished watching it. Gosh! They are just so lovely. With all the classical music in the air, I just LOVE it!

Seol Nae-il’s so cute. I’m watching the series mainly because of her character. I guess I see myself in her in so many ways.

I was crying with her, the moment she says

What’s wrong with living as a kid forever?… having fun in life is all that matters.

Hmmp, I need to fix this cry-baby attitude of mine before it became a habit. I wasn’t like this before, really!

And just look how irresistible our couple is. Waaahh! These BTS are just way too cute!

Nae Il’s Cantabile Behind the Scenes

I never thought that this drama can be this good. I mean, it’s way way better than the Japanese version and the anime!

Even I, can’t wait for the drama to finish to write my thoughts about it. And here I am, going crazy finding ways to keep myself calm as I wait for tonight’s episode.

Nae Il’s Cantabile Episode 6

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