Owiiee! I just can’t get over my first ever concert yet.

Last Friday (September 19, 2014), my sister and I went to the CNBLUE’s second concert here in the Philippines, despite the heavy rain fall in the Metro. The tickets are a bit pricey so we went anyway and no one can stop us. ?

And man, the concert was a BLAST!

CNBLUE Can’t Stop Live in Manila (2014)

It started with CNBLUE singing three(?) songs nonstop followed by the group’s introduction in awkward Filipino.

Yong Hwa: Good to see you again.
Jong Hyun: Ako ay Jong Hyun.
Jung Shin: Ako Jung Shin.
Min Hyuk: Anyeong haseyeo. Kaumusta kayo? Ako Min Hyuk. Salamat sa pagpunta. Kahit may bagyo (the way he said “bagyo” is just so cute, as if he’s trying too hard to pronounce it correctly).
Yong Hwa: Ako Yong Hwa. Mami-miss ko kayong lahat. (I think this was supposed to be in the past tense form. ?)

From top left to bottom right: Jong Hyun, Yong Hwa, Jung Shin, Min Hyuk

CNBLUE was AMAZING (I never really used uppercase letters in my blog posts; I’m more of a grammar nazi than a fan of random capitalization. So now you know how AMAZING the concert was and how it was BLAST that I can’t prevent myself from typing these words in all caps).

Yong Hwa’s very energetic and you can clearly see that the group were so enthusiastic. Maybe that’s to compromise the trouble we went through to go the concert venue (well, not really us, but the other members of the crowd who live in areas that were greatly affected by the bad weather).

CNBLUE Live in Manila 2014

What I saw is a different Yong Hwa. I’m not a BOICE myself so I rarely see them perform. I listen to their music and watch series starring them (Yong Hwa and Min Hyuk) but never really see the band perform on stage. Yong Hwa’s snobbish, stoic image established by the characters he portrayed in dramas is very different from the lead vocalist he was that night. And also, Jung Shin, I’m not expecting he’s that lively and all. Min Hyuk’s still Min Hyuk. And Jong Hyun…still Jong Hyun, I guess. He has a very beautiful voice. He just need to interact more with the audience and with the three other members.

They were performing song after song, nonstop, for almost two hours. I can’t even imagine how they manage to do that. They barely have time to catch their breath but that’s not even evident.

After that there’s a five-minute break only enough for them to change to their Can’t Stop shirts. And then again they were rocking the stage until the last song, Love Light.

CNBLUE Wearing their Can’t Stop Shirts

I’m a LonerIntuitionCan’t Stop Loving You and Love Light were my favorites. These songs were the highlights of the night together with the opening.

And take note, they promise to come back. BOICE PH you have Yong Hwa’s word. Alam na this. Make sure to save a part of your allowance for the SVIP ticket!

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