Chapter 15 is out and the OAD is coming out really soon has just came out but here I am yet to review the last three chapters. Let’s catch up quickly as for sure I have tons to spaz about the special.

As mentioned on my previous post, I was hoping for CLAMP to put our cute couple on the cover to make up for the short hiatus, but unfortunately we got only Sakura on her nighties with the star key hanging on her neck. Not even a full colored spread, I’m quite disappointed. Hahaha.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 6 Cover
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 6 Cover

Continuing from Chapter 12, a mysterious hurricane suddenly attacked Sakura and Syaoran on their first official date. The strong wind separated the two. Sakura was trapped inside a spiral staircase (?).

Syaoran tried to rescue Sakura, but as he was suspecting, his usual technique didn’t work. Syaoran’s sword then started to glow as he cast a new spell which CLAMP doesn’t want to reveal to us yet. This new spell was able to break the walls separating him and Sakura. Sakura was then able to successfully secure Spiral.

Much to Tomoyo’s dismay, Sakura told her that they ended up getting hamburgers as the bento was ruined after the attack. Kero jumped in the conversation (apparently, it’s a group voice call) asking if Syaoran at least got to taste it. Sakura gladly bragged that Syaoran indeed had some and he told her it was delicious. Tomoyo and Kero said she could just make him another lunch box next time. I’m excited for their second date.

Sakura was then reminded that she should start preparing dinner. She’s home alone tonight so she can cook whatever she likes. Tomoyo said she would gladly help if she’s not going to dine out with her mother. We then see Sonomi for the first time in this arc.

Sakura then received another phone call from Akiho. She seemed to invite her to come over for dinner as the next thing we know, Akiho was ringing the door bell with a cake (?) Kaito has made on one hand. She helped Sakura in the kitchen.

The two then discovered that they both like onions but dislike konyaku. Sakura said even though she doesn’t like konyaku, Touya will eat her portion. Akiho said Kaito likes it too. Seems like CLAMP is implying that Touya and Kaito, having similar traits, are somehow connected to each other.

On the dinner table, Akiho praised Sakura’s cooking. Indeed, our heroine’s rocking the kitchen now, huh. I missed those times when all she could decently cooked were pancakes. Akiho then mentioned how amazing it is for Sakura to do things on her own. The girl is jealous that unlike Sakura, she always has Kaito to do things for her. Sakura argued that she also got helped from others a lot of times.

Akiho then asked Sakura to teach her how to cook. She wants to cook something delicious for Kaito. As Sakura understands exactly one’s fancy to cook something good for the one he loves, she gladly agreed to practice cooking together.

As Sakura gets more beef stew for Akiho, this fluffy thing suddenly makes her fell asleep right there and then. Kero came out to assist Sakura in catching the new card. It flew out to the window leaving Sakura no choice but to use Flight to go after it. Yes, apparently, this is a card on its own. Sakura asking it to be her friend on Chapter 10 is her securing it.

And that is where the chapter ends. Nothing biggie here. More on Akiho x Sakura getting closer together. And we got to know Clear Cards’ powers indeed work on Akiho. Seems like she was a normal girl after all.

Will be doing Chapter 14 recap really soon!

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