Only watched this series because I know Yeon Woo Jin can be really funny at times. I quite enjoyed (though not really that much) his last drama, Marriage, Not Dating that I think this series is at least bearable to watch.

Divorce Lawyer In Love (Courtesy of SBS)

The story is about Go Cheok Hee, a confident lawyer who specializes on divorce cases.  At her law firm works So Jung Woo as her office manager. Because of a certain case, Cheok Hee got her license suspended due to the use of illegally gathered evidence. She ended up working at her senior, Bong Min Kyu’s firm as an office manager under Jung Woo, who just got his law degree with the help of a friend, Joo Soo Ah.

There’s something wrong with the length of her bangs. It’s either let it grow a bit longer or totally get rid of it. Hahaha.

Well, I actually don’t know why this series has eighteen long and boring episodes. Just imagine how I wanted to finish this drama as soon as possible to start watching another one. Haha. First, I don’t like the fact they’ve come to like each other too early. Second, gaahhh, they were always cheesiness overload. They give me chills that I can’t stand to watch them. Haha.

Fortunately, because of their client’s cases which make the series somehow episodal like Cyrano Dating Agency, I was able to finish this drama. Haha. But seriously, I don’t know what is more to write here. Don’t even remember one good song from its OST.

I don’t really think Divorce Lawyer In Love is worth the watch. Give me back my precious hours! Huhuhu.

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