Finally, after 93452085 years I’ve finished this drama. Lol. I’m just so happy to finish this series so I can start watching other dramas.

That Winter the Wind Blows (Courtest of SBS)

I know, this drama served as Song Hye Kyo’s comeback to the Kdrama world. And I love Song Hye Kyo. I watched some of her movies and dramas. And those were great. I super love her drama Full House and it was really a hit. But seriously, I don’t think I can compare that to That Winter the Wind Blows.

I really wanted to watch this drama because I heard a lot of positive reviews. I’ve even read a comment in YouTube when I was watching an mv of The Innocent Man that this drama is the best and way better compared to The Innocent Man. I wanted to find out what makes it better than TIM because I love that drama. Since I also like Hye Kyo and one of my friends has this drama, why not watch, right?

First episode. Woaahh…this house, it’s from Full House Take 2, right? Quite popular, huh?

For the first episode, okay, that was fine. Dark plot as expected. Second episode. Oh, so that’s it. Third episode. La la la. Fourth episode. I have to continue watching this. Fifth episode. I need to finish this. Sixth episode. I must finish it. Seventh episode. Should I hit the fast forward button? Eighth episode. Finish it, dear! Ninth episode. Few more eps to go! And so on! I finished this drama with this setup – counting how many episodes left and the minutes left per episode.

This drama is disappointing, at least for me. I don’t like Hye Kyo’s character. I hate that she’s blind and arrogant and everything. I also don’t like the lead man as well. I’m not familiar with the actor and I really don’t find his character amazing. It’s quite weird to have a leading man who always cry and do monologue.

At the very least, there are some scenery from the series that I loved.

Imagine, I started watching TWTWB during summer break and just finish it last week! Filipino viewers who were watching this drama regularly on ABS-CBN even finished it way earlier than me, ME who can watch two whole series within a two-day weekend.

But, a big BUT, this may not be the case to you. I have a friend who likes this drama. Her mom likes it, too. Maybe That Winter The Wind Blows just failed to appeal to me. And just to mention, I don’t like winter dramas. Haha.

Anyway, I don’t recommend this drama but I also don’t discourage you to watch it. If you are so eager to see this series, then go! And let me say write this, I still love Song Hye Kyo. Hoping she’ll do another rom-com soon.


I just want to end this post with a beautiful screen cap. Forget the blurred effect, and this scene was perfect.

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