Itazura na Kiss, Love in Tokyo is the 2013 Japanese version of the manga under the same title. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the fourth version of this series. The 1997 Japanese live action being the first one, followed by the Taiwanese adaptation – ISWAK (It Started With a Kiss) and then, the Korean version – Playful Kiss.

Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo

Only few dramas have more than two to three adaptations. Indeed, this story is quite popular. It can be lined up with other well-known dramas such as Meteor Garden and Hana-Kimi which also have at least four different versions.

My friend who has a crush on Furikawa Yuki (Naoki) suggested this drama to me. It’s been a while since I watched a Japanese series that I was really not sure what to expect.

[gettora] Itazura na Kiss ~Love in Tokyo~ 03 [720p][ENG].mp4_000309542

One of the first things I noticed about this Jdorama is its “trendy” aspect. The characters wear nice outfits partnered with accessories that emphasize each of their personalities. Well, except for this red shoes and socks that extend way up from the ankle.


And finally, for the first time, I saw a non-flip mobile phone used in a Jdorama! Even though Korean as well as Taiwanese series still have a better sense of fashion (and gadgets), I think Jdoramas are getting there.

Having a romantic-comedy genre, this series is a thumbs up for me. No boring episodes. I was able to finish it in a short period of time. Sometimes I wonder why I still enjoy these new versions of classic dramas. It’s like we, drama addicts, would love to see our favorite series being retold over and over again in different time frames.

Itazura na Kiss Episode 1

I just have to say this. Don’t you think the actress who played Kotoko looks like the child actress in the Filipino 2013 remake of the series Annaliza? Haha. By the way, I still can’t believe that this girl is only 16.  She looks way older than her age. Maybe it’s the height.

Naoki, Episode 16


And Naoki, can’t you at least show some emotion out there? Haha. At first, I thought it was because of the character – a stoic, snobbish, genius guy. But later on, I’m convinced that it was the actor. Towards the end of the series, when Naoki was supposed to show his feelings for Kotoko, I think the actor failed to convey his character’s sincerity, well, at least for me. Haha. But this is no big thing. This drama is still nice.



A fan of ISWAK? Of Playful Kiss? Or the original anime/manga Itazura na Kiss? Then try the newest version of your favorite story – Itazura na Kiss, Love in Tokyo.

Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo

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  1. When I see the red shoes I always go "What are thoooose?" 😀
    But anyway, great review, I really love this drama and there is a movie following the same storyline coming next week, so excited!

    1. Oh, right. There’s a new movie coming up! And here I am, yet to review the second season of this adaptation.

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