My Love From the StarMan From the StarsYou Who Came From the StarMy Love From Another Star – there are so many variations of this drama’s title but whatever you call it one thing is certain – this Korean series has just conquered the Philippines! It’s trending almost everyday on Twitter and has been featured many times on news and magazine TV programs! And I can feel it, Kim Soo Hyun’s Filipino fans are everywhere, really!

You Who Came From the Star (Courtesy of SBS)

GMA 7 adapted the title My Love From the Star as they aired this Korean drama series. Maybe they wanted to highlight the romantic side of the series more. The story is about an alien who landed on Earth 400 years ago. Because of lending a hand to a young lady, he missed the trip that will take him and his fellow aliens back to their planet and was left alone on Earth. He managed to live here for 400 years changing his name (currently Do Min Joon (Matteo Do)), address and profession every now and then. Three months from now, the largest comet will hit the Earth, the time Do Min Joon has been waiting for hundreds of years, the chance to go back to where he came from. His well-organized life started to get crazy when Cheon Song Yi (Steffi Cheon), an actress who looks like the young lady he helped 400 years ago, moves in next to his place.

I watched this series weekly, patiently waiting for every episodes to come out. At first, I thought the drama was not that great and just gets a little bit better because I’m a fan of Soo Hyun. It’s only Episode 7 since I started to appreciate this series more. And also the fact that during that time, I was so stressed working on my thesis (developing a web-based system and a stand-alone Java application plus paper works) and that I’m not a fan of Jun Ji Hyun should be considered.

It has a very intriguing story line that you will surely get curious about. I know, the plot is kinda weird at first but you will surely be amazed how did it turn up to be a rom-com hit series in Asia. The comedic element of the series is definitely a thumbs up. Every episode will make you laugh out loud. Plus the exciting cameos, especially by Suzy made this drama even more a must-watch.

The ET Finger Thing on Episode 18 that Really Cracks Me Up
Funny Reference to Imelda Marcos on Episode 8

Usually when watching a Kdrama, I skipped the next episode preview treating them as spoilers. If you’re like me, change your habit when watching this series. There are always great and funny things at the end of the episode. GMA 7 adapted this by doing a must-watch section at the end of the day’s episode. Episodes air daily by a local TV Channel usually last for 3o minutes so I think the must-watch section airs only every other episode.

My Love from the Star, Episode 11

I’m not saying that You Who Came From the Star is that great though. I actually got bored at the middle of the series and started watching another drama. I think I’m easily get hooked to a drama that I was able to watch in one go than those that I watched weekly. The possibility of losing the momentum is very high. Though I got that momentum back after finishing the other drama I was watching (Bridal Mask) and submitting hardbound copy of my thesis. But I’m still certain I will be able to write more good things about this drama if I watched it episode after episode for about two to three days.

Loopholes. Most dramas especially fantasy ones have many loopholes. Usually the story has gone way beyond the reality that it came to the point when it became hard to imagine what will going happen next and so putting an end to it became more difficult. Still, I can accept that loose ending (at least they’re happy) but they should at the very least provide an explanation why Cheon Song Yi looks like the young lady he helped 400 years ago. It’s like this fact was just forgotten by Do Min Joon during the last third of the series. I’m expecting some twist on that. My imagination has gone far as thinking that they’re the same person and that she came to the present through a warp hole or something. I just can’t accept that they let the viewers assumed that the young lady was simply reincarnated as Cheon Song Yi.

Seo Yi Hwa (left) and Young Cheon Song Yi (right)

I still don’t know how did this drama capture the hearts of many, especially the Filipinos. I love to see how almost everyone becomes a fan of Soo Hyun but it pisses me at the same time. Before, I think I was the only one who loves this guy with his Sam Dong image that I really admire. Haha. Talk about jealousy. Do I recommend this drama? No doubt, of course, I do. Get ready to fall in love with Matteo Do!

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