I was so excited for the upcoming OAD that I break my ten consecutive Clear Card Arc chapter review posts. Hahaha. Anyway, before Chapter 12 comes out any minute from now, I’ll review this short chapter really quick.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 11 Cover

The cover features Sakura in another starry dress that resembles Chapter 5‘s cover as well as the one she’s wearing from the previous chapter when she captured the Record card. They’re all similar but not exactly the same. All of them are lovely though! Written on the colored cover is Volume 1’s big milestone, selling over one million copies already! And yes, I own one of those. I visit Osaka last January and bought mine in an Animate branch in Nipponbanshi. It’s in Japanese but who cares. Hahaha.

The chapter starts off with Sakura reporting to Yue about the new card, Record she captured at Tomoyo’s place. Together with Kero who’s using Sakura’s smart TV, the three were in a group video chat. Wondering how the card works, they gave it a try and asked it to record everything at the surroundings. Sakura then instructed it to play the recording. It’s like a hologram but more realistic, I guess, with Sakura commenting it was as if there’s another her in the room.

On her way to school, Sakura bumped into Akiho who is bringing along Momo to school. The transfer student greeted her back as well as Kero-chan disguised as a stuff toy inside Sakura’s tote bag.

As they walk to school together, Sakura asked where Akiho lives. She said it’s within walking distance but is a bit out of way. She also mentioned that a boy about the same age who came from England used to live there. With this remark, Sakura asked Akiho to show her a picture of her house. It was indeed Eriol’s house (which used to be Clow Reed’s). Akiho doesn’t seem to know him personally though. This is exactly why I believe that the new anime must be a continuation of the original manga instead of the 1997 anime series. I’m hoping not, but even the trailer for the upcoming OAD is supporting my hypothesis.

Sakura then met Syaoran inside the school campus. She told him about Akiho living in Eriol’s house. Syaoran wasn’t aware of the fact either (or at least he wants Sakura to believe he’s not). Sakura told him Akiho invited them to come over on Sunday as she wanted to show them the books among other things she collected while traveling around the world. But here goes Syaoran’s busy excuses again. I thought we had enough of that. 🙁 Maybe he’s going to report it to Eriol or something. Sakura said it’s okay and she’ll just go with Tomoyo. She then asked if he’s free the next Sunday, sheepishly asking Syaoran for a date. Hahaha. Syaoran said he’d love to. (I would so punch you if you said no. Hahaha).

Sakura together with Tomoyo and Kero came to Akiho’s place. Inside, Akiho introduced to them Yuna D. Kaito (I know right, he shares the D with TRC‘s Fye), the one who is taking care of her since she was a little. I knew it. Akiho’s trio is complete!

Kaito served them with tea and pastries. Tasting the delicious treat, Sakura can’t help but go hanyan~  much to her embarrassment. Tomoyo asked where did Kaito bought the cake. He said he actually made it. Akiho added that he has always been making sweets, dinner and lunches for her. Her two visitors remarked it’s amazing. Kaito said not really and it’s his job after all. Hearing those words painted a sad face on Akiho which Sakura seemed to notice. It sure is hinted that Akiho like her attendant.

After the mini tea party, Akiho led them to the library. It was enormous. She said all those books were gathered by everyone in her family. They so loved reading that they collected these books when they traveled to other countries and what she showed Sakura and Tomoyo is just a portion of it. Akiho said she loves books too that she did actually come to Japan to get this certain book that she wanted no matter what. Sakura, a bit surprised, asked her if it’s indeed the (only) reason of her coming all the way to Tokyo. Akiho said it was indeed that and before she could say the other reason, she was interrupted by Sakura who just felt a card inside the room. Wanting Akiho to leave the room, Sakura asked her to show them her favorite book she was telling them about the other day.

Sakura led Tomoyo to the direction where she felt magic. They noticed an empty spot on the shelf where a set of books with multiple volumes is placed. Apparently, Volume 8 to 17 are missing. Sakura said she wondered if they’re being read now. She then saw something much to her surprise. The chapter ends before she could say a thing.

Owiiie! Aside from Akiho’s trio being complete now, we got to know she’s from this mysterious book lover family. Some speculate Akiho’s looking for the Book of Clow Cards or the Clear Cards which I deemed possible. Whatever it is, there’s something fishy about her clan. Maybe she was a descendant of someone who’s acquainted to Clow Reed or something. Hahaha.

Next chapter spoilers features Sakura and Syaoran’s first date ever! I definitely can’t wait!

Unlike the very loud Nakuru, Kaito (or at least his disguise) seems very quiet and gentle but somehow pretentious.

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