Still not having the urge to finish any drama on my currently watching list, I started a new series titled Remember.

Remember: Son’s War

It stars Park Min Young and Yoo Seung Ho. Even though I’m not much of a fan of the former, I find myself fond of Seung Ho. He’s one of the actors I’ve seen growing up in the dramaland – from playing the young Dam Deok of The Legend to Queen Seon Deok‘s Kim Chunchu (I still call him Chunchu, by the way) to portraying lead roles in various Kdramas such as Missing You and Warrior Baek Dong Soo. A series starring him wouldn’t be that boring, would it?

Remember features Seo Jin Woo, a boy with hyperthymesia (a condition in which one remembers every single detail of his/her everyday life) who lost his mother and brother in a car accident several years ago.

Remember Episode 2

Since that tragic incident, he was living a simple but happy life with his father until the latter was falsely accused of a murder committed by Nam Gyu Man, the heir to the wealthy and powerful, Ilho Group of Companies.

Taking advantage of the fact that Jin Woo’s father wasn’t in his best condition to provide an alibi (he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s), Nam Gyu Man made him his scapegoat. Due to Nam family’s influence, the poor man was convicted despite his innocence. Since then, Jin Woo promised to become a lawyer to defend and clear his father’s name himself.

Park Dong Ho

As Jin Woo works hard to bring Ilho Group down, he met Atty. Park Dong Ho, who took his father’s case but was forced to lose in court because of a blackmail, and Lee In Ah, a law student who was inspired to become a prosecutor after she witnessed all the injustices in Jin Woo’s father’s case.

Lee In Ah

Meanwhile, the fact that the car accident which killed not only Jin Woo’s family members but Dong Ho’s father as well, turned out to be also related to Ilho Group is yet to be disclosed. Twisted as it may be, Jin Woo, like his father, started to show signs of Alzheimer’s disease which progress was hasten due to his being hyperthymestic.

When I first saw its official poster, I thought it was a melodrama, sort of My Spring Days type of series. It does look like it, doesn’t it? Hahaha. Anyway, I’m glad that it wasn’t. (My Spring Days is already too much drama for me.) I was able to keep up ’cause I badly want to see Nam Gyu Man in jail. Seriously, he’s one of the most evil antagonist ever. He’s insane, a total wacko! No wonder I still remember his name when I had to search even for Park Min Young’s character’s. Hahahaha. It’s the same thing with how I felt with Angry Mom and The Greatest Marriage before. I’m calling that the “I’m-not-gonna-stop-watching-’til-I-see-these-villains-suffer” syndrome. Lol.

Nam Gyu Man

Overall, I think Remember is a nice series. Yoo Seung Ho didn’t disappoint. I also like the fact that we didn’t get to see him being totally cognitively impaired like the leads of A Moment to Remember and A Thousand’s Day Promise who suffer from the same condition. I mean the series is already too heartbreaking as it is.

Aside from Nam Gyu Man, I was so irritated with this detective as well. Gah! His facial expressions alone annoy me. Don’t get wrong; that’s me saying he’s an effective actor.

Who else but Jin Woo drives a green car? Seriously, even in the dramaland, I think he’s the only brave soul who tried and succeeded in pulling it off.

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