It took me a while to finish this series ’cause I’m not into melodrama, slice of life side. Rom com, no doubt, is still my genre.

My Spring Days (Courtesy of MBC)

The series features Li Beom Yi, a heart transplant survivor who felt like she owns a debt she can’t pay to her donor. She lives her life to the fullest, doing things the original owner of her heart might wanted.

She’s engaged with her doctor, Kang Dong Wook who is also a good friend of her father, the hospital’s director. Her princess-like life changes when she met Kang Dong Ha, Dong Wook’s older brother and oblivious to Beom Yi, is also the widower of her heart donor.

I agree on one of the comments I’ve read on its Asian wiki page that Soo Young, portraying Beom Yi, proved she can act. She was able to make up with her “idol actress” image in Cyrano Dating Agency. 🙂

I like that this drama doesn’t have too much chaebol-ness. Seriously, when was the last time I watched a Korean series without one? I know it plays a big part in the plot especially for heavy themed dramas but a series can be as much great without being too makjang.

My Last Five Full of Chaebol-ness Kdramas

I also like that there’s no super evil character here. Beom Yi’s mom may be unreasonable at times but she’s only doing her best to protect her daughter. Dr. Kang, too. Despite all the urges for him to be a total villain by abandoning and ruining the hospital in revenge for Beom Yi suddenly leaving him, he, instead, supported her and his brother’s relationship. Sure, it was not a smooth process, but still.

There’s just this one thing I really do not like about the seriesthe pairing. Really sorry but the age difference is too much for me to handle. Shipping them is like rooting Once a Upon a Time‘s Rumpelstiltskin and Belle. Hahaha. I feel like there were times that even Soo Young and Kam Woo Sung (Dong Ha) were uncomfortable with their roles (at least at the scenes where they were acting side by each other).

I did cry. Korean melos never fails to make me so. They’re pretty good at this kind of stuffmaking their viewers kind of sentimental. And seriously, who didn’t cry on this scene where Beom Yi confronts Dong Wook if his sister-in-law is indeed her donor. Tears well up my eyes when she asked him if the reason his brother, and the people around him like her is because of her heart. They finally fell down the moment Beom Yi asked Dong Wook if it’s the same case even for him.


Oppa, do you think, by any chance, the reason your brother likes me is because of my heart? The reason Poo Reum and Ba Da like and that your mother is so nice to me too is all because of my heart?


Oppa, you’d know the answer. You’re a doctor so you would know, right? Please tell me, oh?   


Then, what about you? The reason you liked me was also because of my heart? You didn’t like me but my heart? 

Overall, I can say it’s a warm drama with a fair story line and could have scored higher to me if not for that ridiculous OTP. This is so mean of me but I just can’t help but be bothered every time I saw them together on screen. I guess my fondness of oppa pairings has limitations as well. Or maybe, I just find my inner self still rooting for Dong Wook. I admit I do have the tendency to choose time over love sometimes.

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