Yay! Here comes the second chapter! I was expecting it to be out July 2, at the earliest but pages were leaked two or three days before the official publish date. Everybody was like spazzing about the latest chapter already while I was completely oblivious that it was already out!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 2

Sakura and Syaoran in their junior high school uniform HOLDING HANDSmy favorite cover so far (as if there’s already a lot to choose from, huh). Hahaha. I know being cheesy is so not CCS-ish (or rather CLAMP-ish, in general) but if it’s Sakura x Syaoran we’re talking about, I don’t totally care! Hahaha.

The chapter starts off with Sakura telling Yukito/Yue about the cards and the person she met on her dream. They’ve confirmed that Sakura can still use or at least “release” the star key and turned it into a wand. Like Kero chan, Yue has no idea of what is yet to come. He suggested to tell Yukito about all these things but Sakura insists that they shouldn’t bother Yukito, not until they know the root of all of these. And besides, since Syaoran’s back from Hong Kong, she could also talk to him about this. Yue told her to definitely do sotell Syaoran, even the smallest things. That particular scene is drawn as if the readers need to pay attention to it. Surely, Syaoran knows something.

So Sakura did tell Syaoran and Tomoyo. Syaoran said he also doesn’t have an idea what caused the cards to be like that but he does think the person Sakura saw in her dream is related to the incident. Almost every CCS fan believes that person is Sakura herself. I won’t rule this hypothesis out but I’ve got a hunch that it might be someone closely connected to Syaoran (if it’s not himself, that is). 
And finally, the classroom setup was cleared out as to who is classmates with whom. It’s what I first believed it wasSakura with Tomoyo and Chiharu in Class 2, Syaoran with Yamazaki and Naoko in Class 3. I did thought so that this setup makes a lot more sense than the others—Sakura with Tomoyo and the two guys in the gang being together. Someone (actually, they’re two) just pointed out that the way Sakura said “Tomoyo and Chiharu are together” is in a sense that it’s explicitly stated that it’s just the two of them (Sakura not included). Those translators seem pretty good in Japanese though, so is the original text to blame? Hahaha. 
Who else find it funny that Syaoran is still being amused with Yamazaki’s trivia (a.k.a. hilarious lies)? That, I guess, is one of his charms.

That night, Sakura checked her phone but still got no reply from Eriol. Hmmm. What could possibly keep him busy? I smell something fishy here. Kero lightened up the mood, telling her to just wait and sleep it off for now. 

Sakura said goodnight to Kero, as well as to the bear, Syaoran. And that night, she saw the mystery person on her dream again. Before she could ask who it was, she was blinded by a bright light and the next thing she saw is a new star key above her hands. She woke up and discovered she was holding the star key from her dream. A light pointing to the window was suddenly drawn from the key. Sakura opened the window only to saw this big dragon-like thing flying in Tomoeda.

Admittedly, I’m one of those who first thought the star key has transformed. (It’s not the first time, if ever.) But remember Sakura giving the star wand to Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle‘s Sakura hime (Clone Sakura)? So that is because she already have a new key/wand!
The thought just came to me. Sakura’s dreams started when she exchanged bears with Syaoran. In both nights when she dreamed of the mysterious person, she looked at the bear (and even said good night to it in Chapter 2) before going to sleep.

In the first chapter, Eriol emphasized Sakura hasn’t been having dreams recently but said she might be able to have a good one now that she’ll be able to be with “the one she wants to get to know the most.” We all know who that person is, Come on, Syaoran, Eriol! What’s with the bear? What’s with the dream? What’s with that unidentified flying object?! Hahaha.

One thing, I’m pretty sure of, is that Eriol and Syaoran are hiding something from Sakura. This page (which illustrates as if Syaoran knows Eriol’s not gonna reply to Sakura’s email) even suggests that the two might be communicating with each other.

Maybe they’d met in Hong Kong and Eriol instructed Syaoran to go back to Japan to protect Sakura. The bear’s purpose is to warn her (through her dreams) of what is bound to happen. Hahaha. Lol. So this is what you call fan theories, ah. It’s actually pretty fun. The perks of following an on-going series, I guess.

I can say I’m getting used to with the wait. Lol. Maybe I just missed them so much that I was so hype when the first chapter was released. I was literally counting days after days then. Now, I view it as sort of like a regular thinga sweet treat to look forward to every month. 
I so love it that even though we’re just on the second chapter (and the anime hasn’t even started airing), I can already imagine how sad it would be when all these are gone. But yeah, let’ just enjoy the present to its fullest. Keep those chapters coming!
Seriously, with all these Sakura x Syaoran ramblings, I should have called this blog ccsblooms. Hahaha.

I super duper like this colored version of “the reunion” that I even make it my phone’s home screen. ^.^

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