Watched this drama because of a friend’s recommendation. At first, I thought this was a family series with 50+ episodes ’cause of the title, something like You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin, My Daughter, Seo Young, etc. Hahaha. But I’m wrong. It’s a relatively short drama with 12 70-minute episodes.

Persevere, Goo Hae Ra

The story is about a group of six talented individuals who aspire their own spot in the Korean music industry. It centers on Goo Hae Ra, an aspiring singer/composer who wants her father’s last song to get recognized.

Goo Hae Ra

After Hae Ra’s father died on the day of her 10th birthday, she and her mother moved to a new neighborhood. There, she met the twins, Kang Se Jong and Kang Se Chan who live right next to their house. Since then, the three grow up together, almost like a family.

Kang Se Jong (left) and Kang Se Chan (right)

They’ve met Jang Goon, Henry and Woo Ri as co-tryouts when they auditioned in the music contest TV program, Superstar K.

Henry, Jang Goon and Lee Woo Ri

The drama started quite well. I like that mystery kick surrounding the twins during the first few episodes. But the thrill didn’t last. The series started to get boring eventually. Great thanks to the frequent performances, I was able to finish the drama quickly.

I like the idea of friendship, love and family. I also kinda get fond of the mood changer Henry because of Oh My Venus. I find Woo Ri and his love story sort of cute too. It’s just that I don’t, can’t rather, really ship the main couple.

Kang Se Jong and Goo Hae Ra


I know Kwak Si Yang from Oh My Ghostess and I like his character there but not Kang Se Jong. I don’t know. This character just lacks the charm. I felt like he’s too old (or maybe just too tall) for the role. He just didn’t seem to fit in the group.

Also, I have issues with Hae Ra. I kept on seeing the sexy star Min Hyo Rin in her. Seriously, Hae Ra’s supposed to be a boyish gal who won’t dare to wear anything sexy. I bet it’s Hyo Rin who has the last say to Hae Ra’s wardrobe. [Someone raises an eyebrow.] Okay, scratch that. Don’t mind me. I’m just a conservative, old-fashioned country bumpkin.

Min Hyon Rin as Goo Hae Ra

Among the three, I’m more into Se Chan, actually. I like his character. He’s like Dream High 2‘s Jin Yoo Jin in every waythe outfit, the hair, the guitar. Hahaha. Too bad, he was cast out too early in the series.

Kang Se Chan

As for Ray, he’s a good guy too. I like him better than Se Jong, at least. But it’s kind of sad that no matter how I view it, he’s just Se Chan’s replacement. Poor guy for loving a girl who always just gives false signals. Hahaha.

Ray and Hae Ra

I really thought Ray’s gonna be like the next Song Sam Dong ’cause he got even more scenes (mostly with Hae Ra) than Se Jong but nah…he’s just one pitiful soul. Lol.

Maybe I should just root Ray and Tomorrow Cantabile‘s Do Kyung. Hahahaha. She looks different here. Way kinder, I guess.

Overall, even though the series didn’t impress me that much, I think Persevere, Goo Hae Ra will still be something the young and music-minded Kdrama fans might get drawn into.

Villains in this series are pretty effective. Scarlet is really one annoying bitch. Lol. And Sang Ki Joon made me totally forget Kim Min Jae’s nice guy, goodie-goodie image in Twenty Again.

Kim Min Jae as Sang Ki Joon (left) and Seo Min Ji as Scarlet (right)

Musical series like this always reminds be of Dream High. Maybe because among Kdramas of this genre, it’s the one closest to my heart. Hoping someday, I’ll bump into something as awesome. 🙂

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