I can’t remember when I first heard of this series. I just know that it stars Shi Min Ah and it was quite popular in the dramaland.

Oh My Venus (Courtesy of KBS2)

The story is about Kang Jo Eun, a lawyer who lives by the motto “You can do anything, if you put you’re mind into it.” She was then Daegu Village’s Venus because of her being pretty and skinny. During high school, she met and dated, Im Woo Shik, a swimmer from Seoul. They were both each other’s first love.

Due to her stressful job and unhealthy diet, Jo Eun started to gain weight. On their fifteenth anniversary, Woo Shik broke up with Jo Eun because of another girl, which turned out to be her former best friend, Oh Soo Jin.

On Jo Eun’s flight back to Seoul from a business trip in America, she passed out inside the plane due to diet pills. There she met Kim Young Ho also known as the famous trainer John Kim. Having some background with Eastern medicine, he aided Jo Eun.

Young Ho, together with his trainee Joon Sung and Ji Woong who acts as Joon Sung’s manager, helped Jo Eun to lose weight.

In the process of losing weight, the two got closer to each other. Jo Eun started to discover more and more about Young Ho as they started dating. These include his painful childhood and him being the heir of a large, wealthy corporation.

I did watch this drama because I kind of relate to the diet thingy. I like the idea of “You dare to break up with me ’cause I’m fat, huh?”.

I was enjoying the series until the focus shifted from Kang Jo Eun to Kim Young Ho. (Or was it supposed to be Young Ho from the very beginning?) It got boring when the overused chaebol thingy made its way to the plot. It almost felt like I was watching a different series. Even the car accident is too much drama for me. I actually did stop watching after Episode 12 and just finished the series some weeks later just for the sake of it.

It’s not that bad as I made it sounds. It’s just that I think I’m being too picky after watching a lot of Korean dramas in the past.

Why do Jung Gyu Woon always break a chubby woman’s heart? But yeah, his character here is way nicer than in Birth of a Beauty. I kind of like the idea that Im Woo Shik broke up with Jo Eun not because she’s not attractive anymore but because of his feelings for Oh Soo Jin. And also I like how this couple’s original good nature was not eaten by greed.

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