All this time, I thought what I have in my hard drive is a copy of the 2010 series I am Legend which stars Lovers in Paris‘ Kim Jeung Eun. I saw it once on TV and deemed it not that interesting.

Her Legend
Believing it’s the same series, I really never check out this Her Legend folder until I watched Kim Jeong Hoon’s MISSing Korea (Missing Miss Korea). I was actually surprised that he’s still active these days. Princess Hours Yul will always be one of my favorite second male leads. Seeing Jeong Hoon on screen again reminds me of the old days.

I searched for his latest dramas and found Her Legend on the list. And that’s when I realized I actually have a completely different series sitting on my hard drive and it stars Jeong Hoon!

The story features Eun Jung Soo who lost her mother at an early age. Having no other relatives left, she lived with her mom’s brother together with his wife and two children.

Shortly after moving to her uncle’s house, she met Woo Do Young and his husband, a rich couple who badly wanted to have a child of their own. Because of Jung Soo’s warm personality, they decided to adopt her. But before the adoption was finalized, Do Young was gravely injured in a car accident, causing her to lose all of her memories. The couple moved to the US for her to receive the best medication.

Young Eun Jung Soo and Ms. Woo Do Young

After a few years, when Do Young’s condition got better, the couple sends a lawyer to Korea to ask Jung Soo’s uncle to process the adoption so they could live with her in New York. But due to turns of events, mainly because of her aunt’s desire to give her cousin, Kyung Hee, a better life, they tricked the couple, as well as Jung Soo by sending Kyung Hee to New York in her stead.

Now, the all grownup, bag designer, Jung Soo is really working hard for her talent to be recognized in the industry, despite of her poor origins. But her life is again to be shaken as she meets Kyung Hee (who is now using her adoptive name, Kim Seo Hyun) in Shin Hwa, the giant fashion company she wanted to work at. There, she will also meet Do Jin Hoo, the smart and handsome heir of Shin Hwa Group and Kang Min Ki, a close friend of Jin Hoo who also works for the compnay. Both guys will grow feelings for her.

Kyung Hee (left) and Jung Soo (right)

The drama is just a so-so. Nothing grand. Nothing worth pointing out. Just enjoyed myself watching John Hoon on screen again. But I still like his character in Princess Hours a lot more. His acting skills in this drama isn’t superb. Or was he always like that and I just choose not to notice ’cause I love Yul? Hahaha.

Do Jin Hoo and Eun Jung Soo

Nonetheless, that being said, there’s something in this snobbish but smart Jin Hoo that makes me kind of drawn into him. I can somehow see Yul’s loneliness in his eyes. Maybe because he’s a pitiful boy who, like Jung Sook, lost his parents at an early age.

I find it odd though that when he’s solving these differential equations, he always writes the denominator first before the numerator. Is that a common thing in Korea?

The series really felt lengthy with twenty episodes. I’m sure sixteen is more than enough. But yeah, fair enough for a filler, I guess.

Why do Choi Jung Won pops her eyes like this for like every scene? I know Koreans tend to measure beauty by the size of one’s eyes but seriously, it’s not pleasing.

Jung Soo’s aunt really reminds me of Agnes’ Nanay Mirasol from the local TV series Forevermore. Come on, I know I’m not the only one! Hahaha.

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