Finally, I’m done with this drama! Seriously, I can’t even remember since when I started watching this series. I think I checked it out after getting bored with Warrior Baek Dong Soo but I got bored again so I check out another drama and so on and so forth until I lost track of this series completely. (That’s the problem when you have a lot series idly sitting there, waiting to be watched. Really, I never had this problem before. I do miss those drama scarcity times. Hahaha).

The series circles around a group of four rookie detectives in Gangnam and as to how they adopt to their new environment and workplace.

Left to right: Ji Gook, Eun Dae Gu, Uh Soo Sun and Park Tae Il

It starts off with the middle schooler Kim Ji Young witnessing his mother’s murder. He heard the killer talking to a “Detective Seo” over the phone. He believed it was Seo Pan Seok, the detective who convinced his mother to testify in yet another murder case.

As part of the plan to unravel the truth behind his mother’s death, Ji Young becomes a detective himself. He changed his name to Eun Dae Gu to protect his identity from Seo Pan Seok who is now one of the team leaders in Gangnam Police Crime Division.

With Pan Seok as their team lead, Eun Dae Gu will team up with Eo Soo Sun, a girl from his past who attended the same middle school, Park Tae Il, a resident who left medicine to become a detective and Ji Gook, a geeky guy who wants to be a police only because so he can live in Gangnam.

During the first half of this series, I find it very episodal, new episode equals new case. There are very little plot developments, making me not so eager to finish it right then and there. It’s only when I was near towards the last episode that I gain interest on to how will this story ends.

Lee Seung Gi as Eun Dae Gu

Indeed, with 20 episodes, I must say it’s not totally worth the watch. It was quite disappointing ’cause the series actually had the potential. I mean it could be really engaging given the heavy storyline. There were just so many dull moments that there were times it bored me to death. Hahaha. But seriously, remove those fillers and this could be a warm drama about friendship, justice and family with a touch of comedy and action.

Why does Go Ara always have to wear colored contacts? It was so out of her character. Uh Soo Sun was supposed to be boyish and all.

Go Ara as Uh Soo Sun

Update [October 17, 2019]: I just recently learned from a friend that apparently Go Ara’s eye color is all natural! ? *dies of embarassment*

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