Just like how Moonlight Drawn by Clouds was on my list entirely because of Kim Yoo Jung, I watched Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight all because of the other grown up child star I am much fond of, Kim So Hyun.

Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight!

This series is very much like Arang and the Magistrate set in the 21st century. We have the wandering soul of a senior high school student Kim Hyun Ji, who lost all of her memories when she was still alive. She’ll met Park Bong Pal, a second year college student who’s being paid to get rid of evil ghosts.

In one of Bong Pal’s job, they will discover Hyun Ji’s ability to know the enemy’s weakness which Bong Pal finds handy. In return of him helping Hyun Ji to solve her grudge, they agree to work together sending evil spirits to the other world.

Seriously, why do lead ghost always suffer from amnesia in the dramaland? And so the plot revolves around the big mystery of their deaths. Hahaha.


As I’ve said, I like Kim So Hyun that her casting alone made me watch this series. However, I have to say that I quite don’t like her character here or at least Hyun Ji’s tendency to be so girly. I’m not used to seeing So Hyun act like that. I guess they thought, her portraying a more lady-like role will help change her child star image into a more mature actress.

Kim So Hyun as Kim Hyun Ji

As for Taecyeon, there’s nothing much to point out. He’s the kind of actor that I neither like nor dislike (and finishing this series doesn’t change that). I admit though that I was a bit disappointed when I came to know that he’s gonna be one to act opposite So Hyun in this drama.

Taecyeon as Park Bong Pal

I really don’t have many things to say about this series. It has an engaging story with a good splash of comedy that will make you laugh from time to time (thanks to the comic duo below). It just that I expected a little more from this drama. Maybe thinking that it’d be comparable to Who are You: School 2015 is a bit too much.


I guess it’s because I’m so drawn into Go Eun Byul that I find it hard to like Kim Hyun Ji. Eun Byul is one of the very few characters in the dramaland I can see myself in.

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