Finally, I’ve got to finish these two “moon” dramas of 2016. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is so much into my liking but this one deserves a good review as well.

Love in the Moonlight (Courtesy of KBS)

With the series starring Kim Yoo Jung, I know from the very start, it got something to show off. Yoo Jung’s drama is something I can’t resist. She’s just an amazing, not to mention beautiful, actress. Every series she stars on deserves to be included in any Kdrama addict’s to-check list, at the very least.

Kim Yoo Jung as Hong Ra On

I started watching the episodes weekly on KBS World. I was watching a lot of series that time so I thought watching it on a regular basis saves me from marathon-ing yet another drama. But I’ve become too busy to keep up with that schedule. I ended up missing one episode that prevented me to continue watching it on the said cable channel. I was only able to finish it after I got back from vacation a month or so after the last episode’s broadcast date.

Crown Prince Lee Yeong and Hong Ra On

The story revolves on Hong Ra On, a daughter of a rebel who disguises herself as a boy to escape from the palace guards. She was forcefully sold to become a eunuch (palace servant) after she failed to pay for her family’s debt.

In the palace, she’ll encounter Crown Prince Lee Yeong whom she met and referred to as the silver spooned, arrogant noble. She will eventually become friends with him together with his bodyguard, Kim Byung Yeon, mistaking them as both palace guards.

Kim Yoon Sung and Hong Ra On

Ra On will also meet Kim Yoon Sung, the grandson of the rich and influential prime minister and also a former close friend of Lee Yeong and Byung Yeon.

The four will find themselves caught between the rebellion, the royal family and the corrupt noble party.

This drama gained a lot of favorable opinions. I think you can compare its success to that of The Moon that Embraces the Sun. Coincidentally, for me, both of them are a bit overrated.

I enjoyed the first half of the series because it’s so light and funny. I find it refreshing for a sageuk drama. Park Bo Gum’s acting may be a bit more on the OA, exaggerated side but it’s forgivable.

Things started to drift away from my liking when the lead characters confessed their love for each other and became more transparent with their feelings. Gosh, it’s cheesy overload! I just can’t. Not sure if it’s because I’m not used to seeing Yoo Jung act like that that their supposed to be kilig moments crept me out. XD

It’s not that I don’t ship Bo Gum’s character for her. I’m fine with either of the guys. Though Yoon Sung, is indeed, one of the poorest souls among all the second male leads in the dramaland.

Jin Young as Kim Yoon Sung

But if I have to choose among the three, I’d rather go for Kim Byung Yeon. I like his character a lot better. Well, you know how much I’m fond of quiet, mysterious guys in black clothing in any historical Kdrama.

Kwak Dong Yeon as Kim Byung Yeon

Take away the over-the-top, cheesy, lovey-dovey scenes (and maybe tame Bo Gum’s acting a bit as well) and this could be a great drama that envelops love, friendship and politics with a touch of nationalism.

I just have to say that Yoo Jung looks gorgeous in this series. She really is now a grown up lady. Jeez, why do these child star cuties grow so fast?

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