I decided not to include the plot and the character’s description in this post unlike what I did on other dramas’ reviews.  It has been a while since I finished this drama that I’m afraid I won’t be able to give you a background of the story accurately. If you want, you can read this plot from d-addicts.

This is one the few sageuk dramas I was able to finish. I must admit that I watched it because of my Kim Soo Hyun addiction during that time.

At first, I find this drama amusing. I super like this kid who played the (young) brother of Yeon Woo. He reminds me of young Bidam in Queen Seon Deok. They are both cute. Plus the chubby cheeks that I badly want to squeeze, they’re so kawaii! ?

Courtesy of MBC

When Yeon Woo became 13, the plot started to develop and I’m still enjoying the series. I even posted a screencap of their meet-cute on my Twitter account.

The Lead Characters’ Meet-cute

The young prince reminded me of Jiro Wang (Fahrenheit). His naughtiness is a main ingredient to make scenes hilarious.

Yeo Jin Goo as Prince Lee Hwon (15 years old)

Being a fan of Soo Hyun makes the rest of the episodes all “nice”. Okay, I know I’m a little bit biased. I know it so I was surprised that this drama is indeed getting a lot of positive reviews. Even at my sister’s school (and also where I attended high school), this drama is quite popular to think that teenagers barely like historical series.

Kim Soo Hyun as King Lee Hwon

Yes, even though I’m a fan of Soo Hyun, I didn’t expect this drama to be a hit. In my opinion, the story is somehow lacking. It’s like you enjoyed watching it and you’ve got a great ending but still, you know it’s not a complete package. Why did I say so? Well, it’s because the whole series revolves around that single thing. I hope they included another twist or two.

But of course, that may not be the case for you especially if you’re not a fan of sageuk dramas. Maybe you think it’s ironic but it will probably be the case. Since I finished Queen Seon Deok, I’ve got a high standards when it comes to historical series. QSD is epic  (I barely used this word to describe something/someone, that’s how epic it is). Until now, I can’t find a drama that can compare to it. The story is just amazing and well thought. However, I should also take note of the fact that QSD has 62 episodes, enough to package a sageuk drama completely while TMTETS has only 20 episodes.

To sum it up, I will rate this drama good. It’s not a “must-watch” type of series but it’s nice enough to give it a try.

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