Waah, I still can’t believe it. It’s been four years since I’ve been addicted to this drama, Hana-Kimi. I admit that these past two years, a lot of dramas got my attention such as Dream High. And indeed, this blog is getting a lot of visits because of the said drama. But still, the [original] name of the blog says it all – For You In Full Blossom. Without Hana-Kimi this blog is impossible.

Let’s just say, Hana-Kimi will occupy a special place in my heart forever ’cause it is the one that introduced me to this crazy world of fanatics, the one that made me a true fangirl. Maybe, in your case it’s your first favorite boy band/girl group or even an anime.

So now, let’s see how our favorite actors and actresses are doing.

Ella Chen and her Husband (Photo courtesy of XinHuanet. Retrieved from cdn.joshuaongys.com)

Let’s start with the Taiwanese version’s Ella Chen who played the role of Lu Rui Xi (Joelle “Joey” Lu in the Filipino dubbed version). Ella just got married this May. Well, I’m happy for her, just wanna say good luck to your married life. For her husband, please take care of our cute Rui Xi. We will punch you in the face if you make her cry. ?

Next are Wu Chun, who played Rui Xi’s idol Zuo Yi Quan (Brian Zuo) and Jiro Wang, who portrayed the character of Jin Yi Jin (Wesley Jin). We are all aware that these two are members of Fahrenheit who sang some of the drama’s OST like Wo Chao Xi Huan Ni (I Really Like You).

Fahrenhiet without Wu Chun (Photo courtesy of Weibo)

Months ago, Chun left the group for family reasons. I’m not an avid fan of Fahrenheit (though I watched some of their mv’s before) but seeing pictures of them without Chun never fails to sadden me. Maybe it’s because I read a post of him saying that he really loves the group. He promised that the FOUR of them will still perform in another concert whether it’ll gonna be “Fahrenheit and Wu Chun” or just “Fahrenheit” like the old times.

Chun just turned 33 last month. I’ve got this cute picture from a post in chunzone.

[Update: Photo and post can no longer be retrieved as chunzone has been shut down ?].

Now both Chun and Jiro may be busy promoting their own projects – the upcoming 2013 Hong Kong film, Saving General Yang and the ongoing TV series, Drama Go Go Go which just started airing last Monday, November 12, respectively.

Drama Go Go Go (Photo courtesy of GTV. Retrieved from d-addicts)

How about the Japanese? I should indicate here that I’m talking about Hana-Kimi 2007. Maybe, I should start with the biggest news first like what I did above in the Taiwanese cast.

So let’s start with Oguri Shun who played Sano Izumi. He’s married. Maybe, you knew it already ’cause it’s been about a year after the marriage. Well, I hope he and her wife is happy now.

Umechan Sensei (Photo courtesy of NHK. Retrieved from d-addcits)

Next is Horikita Maki, our Ashiya Mizuki. She just finished filming Umechan Sensei, a 156 episode-drama where she won best actress in the 74th Television Drama Academy Awards. But I’m not planning to watch that series, indeed. After Hana-Kimi, she starred a lot of other series such as Atashinshi no Danshi with Yusuke Yamamoto (Taiki Kayashima in Hana-Kimi).

And finally, we have the one who played the hilarious Shuichi Nakatsu, Ikuta Toma. He has an ongoing drama series entitled Osozaki no Himawari (Late Blooming Sunflower).

Late Blooming Sunflower (Photo courtesy of Fuji TV. Retrieved from d-addicts)

Yes, I love Hana-Kimi but I barely watch Japanese drama series so I’m not planning to watch this, too. The last time I saw him act was on the movie Bokura Ga Ita. Before, I was planning to write a post about this movie but I think there are a lot of good things to review other than this.

So here they are, the latest news about your favorite Hana-Kimi stars! I think all of them are doing well.

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