I just turned 18 last July 18. And that was a very special day for me. I’ve got so many gifts and greetings even from HyunZy. Yeah! It was a gift from my favorite love team – Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy.
As I was scrolling down, reading my newsfeed when I read a post from a facebook page of Kim Soo Hyun that he had a flight to New Zealand on the exact date of my birthday to shoot a commercial with Suzy, endorsing the outdoor fashion brand, Bean Pole. The theme focuses on the youth, the reason they paired HyunZy.
That’s one of the best gifts I received for my birthday. Okay, maybe I’m just overacting but I am still grateful and will definitely look forward to this CF.
For my next birthday or maybe a Christmas present, can you please do a series or even just a movie together? I will be so happy if that happens. 🙂
Anyway, before ending this post, I just want to show these 18 (+1) pictures of Kim Soo Hyun my friends prepared as a surprise for my birthday.
Each photo has a handwritten message from my classmates/schoolmates/friends. I was touched. They merged two (fandom and friends) of my valuable 3F’s (the other is family).

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