Finally, we have the official title for the newest version of Hana-Kimi. I don’t know what’s the point of making it To the Beautiful You though (the English translation of the Japanese title, “Hanazakari no Kimitachi E” is “For you in Full Blossom”). The former said cast, Minho and Sulli are really the ones who are going to play the lead roles.

To the Beautiful You (Courtesy of SBS)
  1.  Sulli (f(x)) as Koo Jae Hee (Ashiya Mizuki/Lu Ruixi/Joey)
  2. Minho (ShiNee) as Gang Tae Joon (Sano Izumi/Zuo Yi Quan/Brian)
  3. Lee Hyun Woo as Cha Eun Gyeol (Shuichi Nakatsu/Wesley)
  4. Lee Ah Yun as Tae Joon’s sports manager (Rika/Misha)
  5. Gang Ha Neul as Min Hyeon Jae (Kagurazaka Makoto)
  6. Gi Tae Young as Jang Min Woo (Dr. Umeda/Dr. MJ)
  7. Ahn Hye Gyeong as Yang Seo Yoon (Sports reporter, I’m assuming she’s playing the role of Ms. Akiha)
  8. Seon Woo Jae Deok as Gang Geun Uk (Tae Joon’s father)
  9. Yoo Min Gyu as Yeaong Man (Tenouji Megumi – Dorm 1 leader)
  10. EXO members – Chanyeol, Suho, D.O, Kai, Sehun, Baekhyun, Kris, Lay and Luhan (schoolmates of the trio)
I post only those whom roles were clearly identified.
As I said before, I know neither of the two leads, though I heard their names often from my friends. I’m familiar with their faces now though I really haven’t seen them acting. I don’t know what to expect from both of them.

Sulli as Koo Jae Hee
Sulli’s white complexion and skinny body built makes her so feminine. I wonder why SM Entertainment chose her for the role (no offenses meant). And for Minho, well, I actually don’t like him because he was being paired to Suzy before (there’s even a rumor that they will do We Got Married, I’m so glad it didn’t happen). I’m a solid SamMi/HyunZy (Kim Soo Hyun + Suzy) fan so I’ll definitely hate it if one of them will be linked to somebody else. Anyway, it’s Sulli and Minho pairing, so let’s give this drama a chance.

Young Yu Shin (Retrieved from Pinoy Exchange)
About the guy playing the role of Nakatsu, I somehow know him. I did some research and found out that he was the one who played young Yu Shin in my favorite historical drama Queen Seon Deok. He was so thin there so I can hardly recognize him now. He portrayed a serious character in QSD that’s why it’s hard for me to imagine him playing the role of the hilarious Nakatsu.
About the plot, they did stick with the manga’s original plot – it’s Mizuki (the girl) who disguises as a boy and not the other way around. I’m glad to verify that.

Minho doing the high jump
The drama will air on August 15 on SBS. Our more than a year-wait is finally over. Here’s the teaser (about the background music, you be the judge! lol XD).

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