Last year, few days after the second semester began, I watched Lovely Complex. It’s a romantic comedy anime with school as its setting.

Lovely Complex

I got my copy of this anime from one of my classmates. I remember the time when they were all laughing, talking about all the funny scenes from this series. I have watched the live action film before and I somehow enjoyed it. I never planned to watch the anime though. But after it became my friends’ topic of the week, I wanted to find out if it’s really that great.

They said it’s like Slam-dunk. The facial expressions are so funny. Yeah, that’s one of the big differences between live action and anime/manga – graphic effects. In an animated series, artists can make the characters do all the funny things out there – shrink, look taller/smaller, thinner/fatter, pout exaggeratedly like Risa, display different epic faces, etc. (you know what I mean).
Well, the story circles around Risa Koizumi, a tall girl who fell in love with a short boy named Atsushi Otani. The series follows their lives during high school, from first to senior year.
The two leads are known as comic duo because of their height difference. At first, they were like cat and dog, arguing over trivial matters every time, everywhere. But then, Risa started to develop romantic feelings for Otani as she sees his gentle and kind side. Their relationship hardly develops because of their height complex. They say height doesn’t matter but it sure does for the two. It’ll take a while for them to become honest with their feelings but the you’ll surely enjoy the journey.

Risa and Otani
These two have their circle of friends as well. They complete the gang, adding more flavor to the plot.
Yeah, my classmates were right. This anime is so funny! It’s much much funnier than the live action. I like it but I think it has too many kissing scenes. Haha. Well, maybe because I only like those which can bring you “kilig” factor even if they’re just starring or hugging each other like in Cardcaptor Sakura. The character design wasn’t that good either.
All in all, I still like this anime. I remember laughing with my younger sister while watching this series for the second time already during Christmas break. I also read the special chapter of the manga, somewhat like a bonus for the readers to know what comes after their graduation.
Speaking of graduation, at the end of the series, Otani and Risa under some circumstances were the ones who delivered the graduation speech. And of course, it didn’t fail to touch me.

Risa and Otani delivering the graduation speech
In my seventeen years here on earth, God had given me three chances to deliver a valedictory speech – kindergarten, grade school and high school. I think those chances were all wasted. I failed to deliver a speech that is worth listening. If I can bring back time, I’ll tear those two to three page-speeches, and will just say whatever comes to my mind – maybe just five to eight sentences of sincere thoughts.

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