I’m so determined to finish all dramas in my currently watching list that I got to finish two in a day – Masked Prosecutor and Prime Minister and I. Still have five more series in the list though. ?

Prime Minister and I (Courtesy of KBS)

Like Scholar who Walks the Night, I was kind of avoiding this drama as well. Not because of the plot this time, but the leads. I’m not so much fond of Yoona and whoever that old guy starring opposite her. Hahaha. I’m all for oppa pairing but the age difference is just too much. Okay, maybe second to My Springs Days though.

But anyway, since I can’t find any more romcom I deemed decent from my pools of Korean drama series, I decided to watch Prime Minister and I.

The story centers on Prime Minister Kwon Yul, South Korea’s youngest prime minister ever and Nam Da Jung, a reporter from a celebrity news website.

Kwon Yul got separated from his wife due to a car accident several years ago. Since then, he was raising his three children on his own and to them he’s such a strict father.

Woo Ri, Na Ra and Man Se (Kwon Yul’s Three Children)

Stalking the then prime minister nominee, badly wanting to interview him, Nam Da Jung got herself into a scandal. With all the rumors going out about Kwon Yul’s mystery woman which may badly affect his nomination, his political party thought of an idea of having them pretend as a couple. Nam Da Jung, feeling sorry and not wanting to get things worse, agreed.

Things got complicated when the president continue to push for their marriage. The two, of course, opposed the idea but only until Nam Da Jung learned her father’s condition worsened. He said that he’d be happy to go and the only wish he has now is to see her walking down the aisle. Sounds ridiculous as it may be, Nam Da Jung wanted to do that favor for her father even if it’s gonna be a fake marriage. She convinced Kwon Yul and that’s when their married life begins.

Kwon Yul and Nam Da Jung’s Wedding

I’ve mentioned before that I really do like contract marriage plot even though it is so cliché. I don’t know. I just find it really cute. That’s why even though I don’t like any of the leads, I decided to go and watch this series. But, a big but, the plot doesn’t make up for it. I was a bit disappointed. Maybe because it wasn’t the only focus of the story. We have that car accident case and the people involved in it, Kwon Yul’s political career and few other things. Not that I’m saying that it’s bad, it’s just lacking.

One thing I also do not like is how Yoona’s character doesn’t have any dream for herself. I know she fell in love with him, whatsoever, but it just felt like she’s willingly throwing out her life to live with him. I expected to see more of why she ended up as a reporter. Was it really her dream? Is she gonna pursue it? I mean, in Full House, for example, even after the marriage, it’s clear that Han Ji Eun (Jessie) still wants to be a writer. I just don’t see that in Nam Da Jung.

Yoon Shi Yoon as Kang In Ho

I must say though that Yoon Shi Yoon is looking great in this drama. He has such a pretty, flower boy face. I like his character here, the mysterious but kind-hearted, Kang In Ho. Yes, he’s that poor guy who seems like always in pain.

All in all, as I said, Prime Minister and I isn’t that bad. It just lacks something for me feel good about it.

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