I had been watching this series for quite a long time already (took me almost a year, actually). I like both Kim Sun A and Joo Sang Wook that’s why it’s a bit surprising for me not to finish it in one go. Well, it all boils down to the plot. Seriously, with a great cast and all, this could have been better.

Masked Prosecutor (Courtesy of KBS)

I needed to watch at least five episodes to grasp the plot. Well, it’s basically about Prosecutor Ha Dae Cheol’s revenge plan to her mother who abandoned him. Basically, she and her new family is involved in all these chaebol evilness which includes controlling a group of highly-skilled prosecutors to ensure the law will always be on their side.

Meanwhile, his high school crush, Yoo Min Hee, who is now the police detective in charge of the Gangnam crime division, has been seeking revenge as well to someone who’s directly involved with Ha Dae Cheol’s mother’s business.

When I first heard of this drama, I thought of Bridal Mask. Well, the idea is pretty similar. You have you’re masked modern-day hero who punishes can’t-be-“judged”-by-law criminals. It’s just that Bridal Mask is so much better. Hahaha.

I don’t have anything to say with the cast. They’re great (except maybe that I’m kind of getting tired of Joo Sang Wook’s humorous acting). It’s just that no matter how good the cast is, it’s hard to make up a good series out of a poorly-written story.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this drama. You might just feel obligated to finish it like me.

More on Joo Sang Wook, am I the only one who think his portrayals in his previous dramas feel so alike? His role in Cunning Single Lady, Birth of a Beauty and Masked Prosecutor do resemble each other. Not sure if the script calls for it but I want to see him in another light. He was actually pretty good before. Remember when I finish Good Doctor without realizing he’s Hwarang Wolya from Queen Seon Deok? Even when I was watching CSL, I could hardly see Dr. Kim Do Han at Cha Jung Woo at all. Haven’t watch his two latest dramas but I hope his characters there were a little different.

Why do Um Ki Joon always has this unrequited love for Kim Sun A? Hahaha. Poor Kang-saem.

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