Before the next chapter comes out next week, let me catch up with these monthly recap/review thingy. 🙂 For Chapter 5, we got a full colored spread with Sakura wearing a white, starry dress which kind of resembles the first promotional poster for the arc but this time featuring the staff rather than the cards.

Following the securing of Siege card, Sakura immediately informed Syaoran about the incident. She told him that for now she’s been carrying the key and the two transparent cards with her while leaving the Sakura cards at home. Syaoran seemed bothered about the card already showing up right in Sakura’s room (maybe concerned about it directly attacking her).

We then see Sakura’s new teacher asking them to submit their application to the clubs they want to join. When asked by Tomoyo, Sakura said she wants to join the cheering squad again. Tomoyo, as expected will be joining the choir. She said she was wondering which club Li would get in as he didn’t have any during elementary. She added that if he’s going to join the sports club, Sakura could cheer for him, and she’d be able to film a different side of her. I like how Tomoyo is now able to tease both of the love birds. I so loved it when she makes fun of Syaoran, pointing out his feelings to Sakura on the previous arc.

Just when they were about to have lunch outside, it started to rain even though their teacher noted that the weather forecast for today is zero percent chance of rain. The gang had no choice but to have lunch inside the school cafeteria. And as usual, Yamazaki had his famous “speaking of x” trivia. This time it’s “rain”. Lol.

As Sakura and Tomoyo were going back home from school (Syaoran, with an excuse of buying some stuffs didn’t go with them this time), the rain started to pour heavily. That’s when the two figured out that it’s no ordinary rain. The new star key started to glow. The rainwater attacked and tied both of them. Sakura used Gale to unveil the source of the water. She then used Siege to trapped it and finally secured Aqua. That was the first time Sakura used the new cards. We’re getting some development there.

Seems like these transparent cards don’t take a specific form unlike most of the Clow/Sakura cards with human-like appearance. It makes these cards feel like they’re just powers of some sort, like Syaoran’s talisman. Clow/Sakura cards, on the other hand, have their own character that Sakura treats them as friends.

That night, Sakura immediately informed Syaoran about Aqua. Squeals for the matching earphones.
Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it’s the first time Syaoran is using an item with wings on it. It’s a common thing for Sakura though. I’m guessing it’s a gift from her. Lol. That’s just my die-hard Syaoran x Sakura fan self speaking. (Oh yeah, it might be possible. I remember her giving him a chopstick case with wings design on the cover, before.)

And then we saw the Ranshinban (Syaoran’s compass), right beside the bear Sakura, glowing. With the Ranshinban having the same Chinese symbols as that of the new cards, Syaoran has to be involved in all of this. At the very least, he knows something not good is bound to happen soon.

The scene shifted to Touya and Yukito wrapping things up in a bakery (yet another part-time job). Yukito then received a text from Sakura informing him of the new card. It seems like Sakura is now more than comfortable to talk to Yukito about these things. I mean I can’t remember her talking to Yukito about anything related to the cards before. Even in the second movie, she didn’t want to talk to Yukito about The Sealed card so he transformed to Yue.

Touya mentioned that even though he gave his powers to Yukito, it seems like there are new things he can do. Yukito was worried and would like to confirm that it’s nothing bad. Touya replied that he’ll understand when the time comes. So that is why Ruby was insisting to go back to Japan in the previous chapter. Maybe Touya is in some sort of danger?

Back to Sakura’s room, she’s still waiting for Eriol’s reply. She checked the Sakura cards and they were still indeed white. She was worried about them. She promised to do what she can as there sure is a reason for finding new cards. She’ll do her best to see everyone again, and by everyone she meant the Sakura cards.

And maybe I should mentioned that on the very last page, bear Syaoran, sitting beside the new cards, got focused again. Before, I mentioned it being the cause of Sakura’s dreams as every time she dreams of the mysterious being she looked at the bear before going to sleep. I will not be surprised if Chapter 6 starts off with another dream involving the same figure. Maybe we’ll get more hints about its identity?

That was a lengthy chapter, indeed. It feels like every page (except maybe for Yamazaki’s joke) mustn’t left out. Things are becoming more and more interesting. It’s a just a bit regretful that it seems like we won’t be seeing Syaoran (at least not in the near future) teaming up with Sakura to secure these new cards. I kind of miss those times. And after The Sealed Card movie, I’m sure fans are wondering if Tomoyo will make battle costumes for Syaoran as well, in this new arc. I don’t care if he still wears his traditional Chinese outfit, I just want too see him in action. Lol.

Speaking of Syaoran, I hate to say this but among the characters, he feels the most different comparing with their original version. I mentioned that Sakura is starting to look like TRC’s Princess Sakura a lot but that’s only for certain angles. As to Syaoran, I must say I can hardly see Li Syaoran at him at all in most of the panels.

Li Syaoran from Sakura Card Arc, First Kiss (CCS fanfic) and Clear Card Arc

Maybe it’s the hair? Clear Card Arc’s Syaoran has a shorter, messier hair with flying away strands that highly resembles Tsubasa’s while the one in the original manga has a longer, tamed, more like that of a goodie-goodie hairstyle. Clear Card’s eyebrows were drawn higher as well which, again, is so Tsubasa-ish. Even the middle schooler Syaoran from a popular CCS doujinshi (fanfic) looks more like that of the original manga than the one in Clear Card Arc.

I know they’re both Syaoran but come on! Cardcaptor’s Cardcaptor’s and Tsubasa’s Tsubasa’s. I don’t buy it if they’re gonna reason out it’s to make him more manly, showing he’s all grown up now. I just hope the new anime will stick with Syaoran’s original character design. In the meantime, I guess I have no choice but to love this new hairstyle.

Li Syaoran in CCS Clear Card Arc and Clone Syaoran from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Anyway, I heard Nakayoshi will have an important announcement about CCS in the next issue. I badly hope it’s related to the new anime series but I think it’s too early for that.

Magic Knight Rayearth‘s Pooh, Hikaru and Umi spotted! Remember they had their cameo as well as Clone Sakura’s classmate in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles?

CCS Gang in the cafeteria with seemed to be Magic Knight Rayearth’s Girls

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