And now I’m slacking off in doing this monthly chapter review. Didn’t I just say that one entire month is too long for me not to rant about new chapter releases? Hahaha. Oh, well. I just have many things going on. Aside from the five series I’m currently watching, that is. Lol.

So we got a Tomoyo chapter for the fourth installment of the Clear Card Arc. Doesn’t she look pretty on that purple and white, very Tomoyo-ish dress?

The chapter starts off with Sakura, Tomoyo and Kero baking a cheesecake (or rather making a no-bake cheesecake) guided by a recipe from Chiharu. Sakura, in this arc, really does resemble TRC’s Princess Sakura a lot, especially on this angle. Not that it’s a bad thing. Haha.

We then see Touya with Yukito who like Tomoyo will be staying the night over Kinomoto’s. After dinner, just when Sakura had her usual battle costume fitting with Tomoyo in her room, the three including Kero were sort of ported into another dimension, inside a big cube with rubber-like walls.

Sakura first thought that it may just be another dream, but when she was hurt when Kero pulled her hair, they assured it’s something to do with the new staff and cards. (That trick doesn’t work though, at least for me. I vividly remember a dream where I, on the attempt of proving it was just indeed a dream, pinched myself and it did hurt.)

Tomoyo who luckily had her pincushion came up with the idea of popping the balloon-like cube with needles. And just when the wall breaks, Sakura secured the card. This time it’s Siege. Why do CLAMP keeps on using difficult words for this new set of cards? Hahaha. Siege means to surround something to take control of it. Google translates it to Filipino as “paglusob” though I think “palibutan” is more appropriate. Others said that it’s the equivalent of either The Shield or The Maze card. If I have to choose,  I’ll go with the latter since Siege seems to be more of an attack card. Unlike The Shield card which protects its subject, Siege traps/captures them. (If The Lock was one of the nineteen original cards in the manga, I would consider it as well.)

Comments time. Where’s Syaoran?!! Hahaha. When I first read this chapter, I was like “Wait, so you’re telling I have to wait another four more weeks to see Syaoran again?!” Don’t get me wrong. I love Tomoyo but I just need my monthly Syaoran fixes. Hahaha. (Fortunately, we’ll be seeing more of him on the next chapter.)

Basically, no major event happened in this chapter. It’s just becoming more obvious now that all these weird stuffs happened when Syaoran wasn’t around. Coincidental or not, I hope we’re going to know soon. Eriol isn’t cooperating either. There were three pages of him talking to Spinel about how Kaho was able to finally calm down Ruby Moon as they put off going to Japan in the meantime. He was looking on his smartphone all this time but holding off replying to Sakura “until that time comes.” What time? Sigh, poor seenzoned Sakura. Lol.

Maybe that’s why I didn’t find the urge to review this chapter immediately after it was release. There’s no such big thing to talk about. To make up for it, Chapter 5 introduces significant plot developments and more pages with Syaoran on it!

Who else thinks Eriol, in this arc, is looking more and more like (xxxHolic’s) Watanuki? Well, Watanuki’s supposed to resemble Clow, and so is Eriol.

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