As I mentioned on my previous post, I did watch this drama because of Lee Hyun Woo not knowing he’s gonna die on the very first episode. I guess that happens when you randomly select a series to watch without doing some research.

Scholars who Walks the Night (Courtesy of MBC)

At the very least, I know that the drama stars Lee Joon Ki and Lee Yu Bi. I was completely oblivious that it’s a vampire series though. I’m not so much fond of vampire stories (that’s why I was kind of avoiding Orange Marmalade) but after watching Scholar who Walks the Night which I was able to finish without stopping, I’m more open now into seeing series featuring fanged leads. Rawr!

The story features Kim Seung Yeol, a scholar from a noble family who’s like a best friend to the Crown Prince.

Crown Prince Jung Hyun and Scholar Kim Seung Yeol

Just a few days before his marriage, he came to know the dark secret about the royal family. The king being controlled by an evil vampire called Gwi, that is. Crown Prince Jung Hyun told him that he’s working on a secret plan to get rid of Gwi. That involves working together with a guardian vampire who supposed to punish abusive vampires here on earth.


Gwi who came to know the Jung Hyun’s plan to get rid of him, killed the poor crown prince. He attacked the guardian vampire as well. But before he dies, he bit Seung Yeol, passing his abilities to him, unwillingly transforming him into a vampire.

Decades had passed but since then, Kim Seung Yeol is doing his earnest to find a book Crown Prince Jung Hyun, under the pen name Lustful Student, has wrote as it may contain the secret plan to get rid of Gwi. On the process, he’ll meet, Jo Yang Seun, a book seller whom he’ll grow feelings for and the present crown prince, Lee Yoon who’s father was also killed by Gwi. Apparently, like Seung Yeol, these two play a big part on the grand plan of getting rid of the evil vampire.

Jo Yang Sun (left) and Crown Prince Lee Yoon (right)

As expected, we got a great performance from Lee Joon Ki. He’s one of the actors whom I find outstanding in doing their crafts. I can’t even remember a project of him that I find disappointing. He’s been rocking the dramaland since My Girl days.

As for Lee Yu Bi, I’ve mentioned before that she has become someone to look forward to. And finally she got her first lead role in Scholar who Walks the Night. To act opposite Lee Joon Ki must have put a lot of pressure to her but I can pretty say she delivered great in this drama as well. It’s just that I like the quirky Yoon Yoo Rae (Pinocchio) more than Yang Sun. It feels like Lee Yu Bi in real life is so Yoon Yoo Rae-ish that she didn’t even look like as if she was putting an effort to give life to this character.

This is the first time I watch Chang Min stars in a drama too (not that I really know him; I just came to watch some of their music videos because of a Cassiopeia friend). I won’t say he did bad portraying the second male lead but I won’t say otherwise, either.

More than Crown Prince Lee Yoon, Gwi is a more remarkable character. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him before. I was like “I know that face, I really do” so I did some research. It turned out he was Yoon Pyeong from Deep Rooted Tree. Well, all I can say is he did a pretty good job in this series. He was an effective villain.

Lee Soo Yuk as Yoon Pyung in Deep Rooted Tree

The series also has very good OSTs. I am really loving Sand Wind by Eun Ga Eun, Don’t Cry by G.NA, Love You Again by Yook Seung Jae and even Jang Jae In’s Secret Paradise which sounds like a folk song to me. Seriously, I love ’em all! They all have nice melody and superb lyrics.

To sum it up, you can say I like this drama. It has such an engaging, nicely executed plot. 🙂 Just don’t give a damn on Joon Ki’s thick eyeliner. Lol. Do vampires supposed to look like that, really?

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