Thanks to the Clear Card Arc, I’m almost obligated to publish at least one post for this blog every month. (I don’t know. I’m just too lazy to do any anime series review. Maybe soon.)

Chapter 6 got Eriol/Clow (and maybe /Watanuki XD) for its colored cover. I’m sure Clow’s fans were thrilled.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 6 Cover

So apparently, Syaoran’s not joining any club, again, because of the “formalities” that he needs to take care of. It’s a shame that we won’t be seeing Sakura cheering for him in a basketball or any sports competition.

Naoko, we learned, on the other hand, has decided to join the drama club where members can produce plays they write themselves. So we’ll be seeing more of Naoko’s play after The Sealed Card movie? With Sakura and Syaoran, playing the princess and the prince of two warring kingdoms, respectively, that one is really cute. It IS so adorable that I wish the card waited for the play to end before it attacked.

We, then, see Sakura in the cheering squad practice (or was it a tryout)? Just when they were about to go back, Sakura noticed her undone shoelace and then suddenly, after tying it, everybody’s gone. She could tell it must be a card’s doing.

She immediately released the key and tried attacking the card with Gale but no luck. She then used Aqua and saw that the water is bouncing off over from a particular area. And that’s where she was able to finally secure Reflect.

It must be The Mirror‘s counterpart. No wonder it’s bouncing off the magic back to its enemy. It’s form is sort of like a butterfly though and aren’t butterflies symbolize dream in the CCS world?

Then one last splash of water poured over Sakura. (Some says it’s Aqua stubbornly striking her but I think it’s just the previous attack reflected by the new card.) Syaoran came to the rescue, offering his jacket. Why he always come only after all the ruckus? Hahah. Joke, love you, Syaoran! <3 At least we got that “lead guy offering his jacket to the girl” kilig moment. Hahaha. Can’t wait to watch it on the anime version.

Sakura got home and she got her dad worried because of her wet gym uniform. She shrugged it off saying she randomly got water sprinkled on her. He suggested Sakura to take a bath before dinner. And just when she was heading to the bathroom, she suddenly looked like she was falling asleep, dropping her pajamas. Just a moment right after she closed her eyes, she saw the mystery figure again. So now, it can’t even wait for her to go to bed to appear on her dreams! Too bad that’s where the chapter ends. I hope we got to see the face of this mystery figure on the next one.

I think I ranted tons on the previous chapter review that I find nothing much to write in here. Hahaha. But yeah, it’s just Syaoran not joining any club and Sakura getting a new card. Chapter 7 will be out in a few more days so let’s be patient. ^.^

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