Owieee. And I have no choice but to sleep with a broken heart tonight.

Just finished watching the first fourteen episodes of this series. 마음이 아파, 진짜. Why did they make Cha Seo Hoo so nice?!? Gosh. It’s even hard to believe he’s the counterpart of the Taiwan version’s Di Ling Wei.

Yes, I felt sorry for Di Ling Wei too when I was watching In Time with You before. I felt his sincerity to win back You Qing and I think the scene when he was caught together with another girl was just a random and unfair turn to make the audience hate him. Yet, still, I know he was and is a jerk. He left You Qing for another woman. And even when he came back, we’re all aware he’s arrogant, hot-tempered and really wants to control everything in their relationship.

They (Ha Na and some random blog author) said that Cha Seo Hoo was and still like that too. But I never seen him as such! The cause of their first break up wasn’t even because he betrayed her. He was just late for their engagement (for reason that was never revealed) and when he saw Ha Na with Choi Won, he chose to just leave and let her go (which I believe he did ’cause he knows Ha Na and Won’s feelings for each other that even them are unaware of).

Cha Seo Hoo came back after knowing he can’t live without Ha Na. It’s not the Di Ling Wei’s pride or something. My heart hurts when he said he’ll come to Ha Na’s neighborhood every morning to jog so he can see her everyday, not because he wants to win her heart back but because it’s his way to survive. That moment reminded of a scene from Dream High where Jin Guk asks Sam Dong if he has any way to stop Hye Mi from leaving and he said “I don’t…but if I don’t see her, I won’t be able to breathe.” Gaahh. Pretty same, right?

When Ha Na broke up with Seo Hoo for the second time, it felt so unreasonable. Haha. I know Choi Won waited seventeen years for his opportunity but I can’t just root for him. (Maybe I’m not fond of the actor? I just can’t bring myself to like the character itself.)

Even when the scene where we last saw Seo Hoo (I believe he won’t appear anymore on the last two episodes) was so heart breaking. He WAS crying. I hate SBS for making him so nice, really! 하긴…they’re always like that. Even with To the Beautiful You, Cha Eun Gyeol’s personality is too good to be a version of Nakatsu.

And worse, right after Seo Hoo left, Ha Na confessed to Choi Won. What? I thought she said it’ll take time to organize her thoughts and clear up her feelings for Seo Hoo. Sigh. Poor guy. And he even played La Campanella, Chopin’s Etude and Dreams of Love beautifully.

For all the writers and producers out there, please make more dramas where the other guy wins the girl. Or at least just don’t make the them so cool. I’m getting depressed with this second male lead syndrome. 진짜!

On the contrary, after reading the comments from the recaps, it seems like everyone in dramabeans (and even in dramafever) hate him. Am I really the only one seeing his good side? Haha.

Yes, he might be a bit irascible and possessive but seriously most leading men are like that—Dao Ming Si (and all of this character’s other versions), My Name is Kim Sam Soon‘s Jin Heon, Secret Garden‘s Joo Won, Fated to Love You‘s Cun Xi, Master Sun‘s Jung Won, among many others. It’s just that if the lead guys do that they’re like “Oh, how romantic, so love”, but if it’s the other guy, all of them were like “Get out of the screen, you jerk! So annoying”. Gaah. I’m so mad. ? Haha.

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