Ooowiiee!!! I can’t scream enough with this BIG super duper GOOOD news! I rarely type in my emotions as I’m a big grammar fan but this time I just can’t help it!

Yes! You read it right. A new sequel of Cardcaptor Sakura is going to be out this June. That’s just about a month from now and I’m so excited like crazy.

The new installments feature Sakura on her first year in junior high. She’ll be involved in a new series of mysterious incidents which starts off with a strange dream. This sounds totally CCS-ish.

I’ve read a comment that the new sequel is like a dream come true for a CCS fan like her. And it really IS. I mean I already shed all my tears when I had to bid goodbye for both Sakura and Syaoran and though I’m always wishing for it, I never expected that CLAMP would really give it another shot and continue their story.

I haven’t read mangas for quite a while, not that I read a lot before, but I’m just hoping English scanlations do come out faster these days. The first installment will be out on June 3 so I’m expecting to read it at latest mid-July. That would be a perfect birthday gift.

So what are your thoughts about the sequel? Me? Yes, me at my early 20’s just can’t wait to see SyaoRa’s new adventures and relive all my CCS childhood memories!

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