If anything, this series reminds me of Dream Highmusically inclined high school students with different personalities.

Monstar (Courtesy of CJ E&M)

At first, it didn’t appeal much to me as I can’t find myself liking the lead actor. Maybe I’m not just into idols really. I was actually surprised when I found out that he’s a member of Beast ’cause that will mean he’s on his mid to late 20s already. I thought he looks kind of young but it turned out it’s just the height. Yeah, he’s already 26. Hahaha. Anyway, it was like that so I needed to hang on for like the first two to three episodes before I feel that I do want to watch this series. My soft spot for school dramas really helped a lot.  

Yoon Seol Chan

The drama features Yoon Seol Chan, the leader of the famous boy band, Men In Black who was forced by his agency to attend high school to make him looks goodie goodie after a series of scandals that may damage his image. There he met a strange girl named Min Se Yi who regardless of how much popular he is, was completely oblivious of his existence. She’s a transfer student from New Zealand who draws attention in school because of both her singing talent and attitude that goes against the norm.

Min Se Yi

One familiar face is Kang Ha Neul playing the role of the second male lead, Jung Sun Woo. He’s a childhood friend of Min Se Yi and also a former close friend of Seol Chan before he debuted. He attends the same school. It’s funny how Kang Ha Neul whom I think is pretty tall, looked young in this drama just because he’s surrounded with shorties. Hahaha.

Jung Sun Woo

The drama is not bad. It’s friendship, love, family plus a splash of music. And aside from the trio, one character that I became curious about (which indeed help me finish the series), is Na Na. I like how her rebellious, cold character was able to open up with everyone.

Kim Na Na

There were boring episodes though and even if it was supposed to be about music, I can hardly recall a song from the series. But I do remember awesome performances from both Color Bar, our leads’ group and All For One, the school orchestra. And as I said, I do have a soft spot for school dramas. Aside from School 2013, I never really dislike any.

Color Bar

While watching this drama, I can’t help but be bothered with Han Yeon Soo’s looks. It’s like there’s something wrong with her lips that make me wish she doesn’t smoke. The more she tries to hide it with makeup, the more it shows.

Min Se Yi (portrayed by Han Yeon Soo)


If one of the Men In Black members looks familiar to you, yes, he’s our Gong Tae Kwang from Who are You: School 2015.

Yook Sung Jae as Arnold from Men In Black


Is it just me or this guy really is attractive? My sister says he kinds of resemble Yoo Seung Ho. Maybe I just have a thing with guys with thick eyebrows or is it with guys who play the piano? Hahaha. 아깝다. He’s supposed to be the bad guy so I hardly seen him smile in this drama.

Moon Yong Suk as Ma Joon Hee

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